Lost Arc New Continent April 27 confirmed! El Gia trailer public

The new continent of Rost Arc was released. New Continent Elgia is a tribe of Race ‘Lasis’ with a storyward wing and is a continent sealed in Accraia by Karan. The Kumgang Line Director has been professed by Live Live Broadcasting ‘Lost Arc, the continent to be a large conversion point of Lost Arc. The continental position level is 1,460.

Roast Arc Season 2’s subtitle ‘paradise of those who do not dream’ is assumed to refer to El Gia. It is a continental continental to decorate the Roast Arc Season 2. Elgia, released by the trailer, seems to be struggling to ensure that Esther ‘Ninnib’ and ‘Cadan’ are accompanied by adventurers and to protect El Gia and Accraia. The new Abyss dungeon is also estimated by the ‘Kargel’.

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KAGE gul is scheduled to emerge two dungeons, two dungeons, such as the new Abyss Dungeon, such as ‘Oreha’s well’. The position level is 1,475, the normal, hard, and hard is scheduled to be distinguished from 1 to 3 degrees of difficulty.

Amazon Games, Rost Arc Console Version Fans want to consider

Amazon Games’s franchise representatives referred to Console version.

On the 25th, Overseas Media ‘VG247’ was conducted by the Amazon Games and written interviews of Amazon Games, who were in charge of overseas publishing of . Among the interviews, the Park Soo-min said, “If the fans really want to ask the console version of Diablo 3>,” If the fans are really really wanted, all Amazon and Smile Gate RPG (released) I answered.

So, can really come to the console?

To look at positive signs first, supported Xbox Gamepad from just after release. It is not simply a line that is not a line that is not a line, but it is careful that a game pad manipulation is possible through the update. On July 21, 2021, the patch note was also available for the game pad related to the game pad, and has launched the global server, and after the game pad was able to see the user who enjoys the game smoothly with the game pad.

The overseas game market is known as the mainstream, and many domestic MMORPG, including the , and , can be compliant with the console version, which is also positive. Recently, the Smile Gate is likely to challenge the console MMORPG market by using its representative IP , as much as the commitment to entering the overseas console market through .

Amazon Games and Smilegate would ‘consider’ Lost Ark console port if fan demand was high enough

There is also a situation in which actual development is undertaken. In April 20, 2020, Smile Gate RPG has recruited Console client development through job search sites such as Jobs Korea and Game Catch. Through the interviews of the Smile Gate RPG, the Representative of the RPG support was reported to be positive for the Mobile and Console version of .

However, there are negative signs. In the original webzine interview, “ambiguous” (Elusive) was used for the answer. There is a possibility that the possibility of unacceptable lip service form is likely.

In addition, the current pad support function is not perfectly optimized, and the cost and time of entering the vast content of are not available to porting the console. In addition, it should be given that the answer of the interview is also a developer, not a smile gate RPG, but it is a story that came out through the Overseas Publisher Amazon Games.