FCK train Schuster in front of St. Pauli: We are not afraid

FC Kaiserslautern with confidence started the season with four points from 2 video games. Last season, St. Pauli played a superior very first half of the season. We are taking excellent regard to FC St. Pauli, which they also functioned out at the beginning of the season.

Currently the full emphasis is on FC St. Pauli-a team, which literally drew away in the past collection. Last season, St. Pauli played a superior very first fifty percent of the season.

We are taking fantastic respect to FC St. Pauli, which they additionally functioned out at the beginning of the season. Especially, the ruby in the training week was analyzed in the offensive as well as protective video game of the visitors and also tried to develop remedies for it.

It is still as well very early in the season to speak of a pursuer duel. FC Kaiserslautern with confidence began the season with four points from two video games.

FCK prepared for exterior gamers and also diamond.


After the house win versus Hannover 96 (2-1) on the initial matchday, the FCK advocates on the Betzenberg should play a significant function this time around. We really hope for wonderful support from our followers once more, so that the trigger on the ranks leaps back on the yard, stressed Schuster, that can virtually leave complete individual.

The possible routine players only lack Ben Zolinski, that was changed prematurely versus Hanover because of a knee injury. Replacement goalkeeper Avdo Spahic as well as youngsters Angelos Stavridis should also fit as a result of injury.

We expect a terrific support from our fans once more.

Dirk Schuster.

Final fantasy xiv

Anime Mrs. Kaguya: In love as in the war he will receive season 4

Yesterday, the premiere of the final episode of the third season of the anime adaptation of the manga Mrs. Kaguya: in love is in war, at the end of which the continuation was announced. Whether the fourth season or a full-length film, but this continuation is already in production. The release date and accurate information about what this continuation is not yet reported.

Recall that the first season of the anime Mrs. Kaguya: in love as in the war it started in the winter of 2019, and already in the spring of 2020 we saw its continuation in the form of the second season. Since April 9 of this year, we could observe the events of the third season of adaptation, which ended yesterday.

In the meantime, you are waiting for the new Kagui season, we offer to familiarize yourself with the list of Titles that can be seen this summer.

Anno 1800 Season 4 DLC Formal public. Free play events

The first DLC of Anno 1800 Season 4 was released. Ubisoft Entertainment said on the 13th that it will formulate the seeds of the ‘Change of Changes’, the first DLC’ s Season 4’s first DLC ‘s “ANO 1800 (Anno 1800)’.

Anno 1800 SEASON 4 Announced - NEW WORLD Madness & New Scenario || New DLCs & Game Modes

Seeds of Changes’ provide new enjoyment to players with colorful content such as private management, imported product production, and new agricultural base construction. The player may build their own contributions through Hacienda, the agricultural hub of the New World, and can expand their own ridiculous and expand themselves, and attract residents. You can also enjoy a different challenge to build and maintain a silver production process through ‘Silver’s season’ scenario in this DLC.

Ubi Soft proceeds to the period limited free play event so that players can enjoy free games to celebrate the beginning of Anno 1800 Season 4. The event will be held until 1 o’clock in the morning of the 20th, and can be enjoyed through the Ubi Soft Connect and Epic Games Store.

In addition, the player can purchase various editions of ANO 1800 during the period, and if a friend buy a game, when you buy a game, you can also invite friends invitations to receive the seasons and friends as a gift.

Developed by Ubisoft Mainz, an annuity, has been launching continuous content updates since its formal launch in 2019 and is receiving a great love from more than 1.7 million fans around the world. The player can grow into a ruler in a variety of ways such as constructing metropolitan construction, logistics network maintenance, new continental conqueration, conquered and communal conveying.

Soon it starts: Start date for Season 26 by Diablo 3 is fixed

It has been known for some time that the starting signal for Season 26 from Diablo 3 imminent. After all, the test phase began on the PTR server already last month. But only now is the concrete appointment , the Blizzard Entertainment announced together with some other details.

When does the Season 26 start from Diablo 3?

How the developer team reveals at the official website, the starting signal for the Season 26 from Diablo 3 falls on 15 April 2022 . It’s all about this day at 17:00 German time starts, then you can fight through the season with the name “The Case of Nephalem”. Shortly before – probably on April 12 – the extensive update 2.7.3 appears with numerous changes.

That awaits you in the Season 26 of Diablo 3

Among the big highlights is certainly the “echner nightmare” . It is a new endgame activity, in which your against and more and more expectant waves occur on monsters and defeat it. Even starred heroes should have something to nibble on this challenge. These efforts should be rewarded among other things with blood spltits and legendary objects.

Furthermore, you may look forward to the return of the cosmetic rewards from the Season 14. In addition, there are special season rewards such as the companions “Knabberdemon” and the special portrait frame “Rakkis’ souff. Also Haedrig’s gift returns again, which you receive for the completion of certain stages during the seasonal trip.

  • Barbar – The Erbe Raekor

  • Crusaders – BAKKHAN armor

  • Demon hunter – equipment of the magazine
  • Monk – Innas influence
  • Dead combine – Refrigeration of the epidemic header
  • HexDoktor – Zunimassas Schlupfwinkel
  • Wizard – Delseres Opus Magnum

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Diablo 3: Season 26 and Update 2.7.3 bring new endgame activity, start soon

In the near future, the starting signal for the PTR test phase of Season 26 and the Update 2.7.3 from Diablo 3. Here is the most important info. PCNSWX360PS30

Diablo 3: Jubilee Event “The darkness in Tristram” returns

In brief, the large anniversary event returns the darkness in Tristram for the action role-playing game Diablo 3.

How long is the Season 26 from Diablo 3?

So far, Blizzard Entertainment has not expressed itself for which date the end of Season 26 is planned. If the developers stick to the previous rhythm, they should run between three and four months. Accordingly, you would have time until the July or August this year time to deny the season. Incidentally, we recommend the Diablo fans the book “Cain Chronicle”.

Source: Blizzard Entertainment

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05.04.2022 at 10:35

Formula 1 Mick Schumacher about debut

Mick Schumacher has moved a positive conclusion just before the end of his first Formula 1 season. I am quite satisfied. I did not go up with big expectations. On the whole, it ran well, summarized the 22-year-old before the final Grand Prix in Abu Dhabi on Sunday (from 2 pm in the Linebacker).

The Formula 2 champion of 2020 remained in 21 attempts in the inferior Haas so far without points. In the internal comparison with his teammate Nikita Casein (Russia) Schumacher usually had the nose in front, especially the comparison in qualifying (18: 3) speaks clearly for him.

Why Mick Schumacher Has The Right F1 Attitude?

With new technical regulations Schumacher hopes 2022 to jump upwards. Then he wanted to go with the drivers of the other teams Batten and to go to the points.

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Formula 1: Preview of the Grand Prix of Brazil
Formula 1: This is how Lewis Hamilton will be at the GP of Abu Dhabi world champion

Top sport live on DAZN. Register now! Can be terminated at any time monthly.

With mistakes, such as his departure last Sunday at the Grand Prix of Saudi Arabia, he stops not too long, explained Schumacher: They are there to learn. This is part of the development. Better now, Where we do not ride on points than next year.

The new season of Pok mon Go is based on Legends Arceus

Contrary to what could come to think, Pokémon Go still has a healthy base of players, and in fact, a new season is already available for this game. Ni antic, its authors, we already gave us a small advance in this regard and everything indicates that the new content will be based on Pokémon Legends: Areas.

POKEMON NEWS & LEAKS | New Season of Heritage Coming to Pokemon & GEN 9 SPECULATION

This new season will be given as a name Season of Heritage, and as I was saying before, it seems that we will travel to the past as we will with Legends: Areas.

In the next season of Pokémon Go, we will take a look at the past to get answers that will help us guide us in the future of Pokémon Go.

Join us in our Pokémon Go adventure at La Season of Heritage.

This new season is currently available, and although we have not yet seen much about it, it is easy to assume what it will be about. It is possible that we see new Pokémon or even to Areas, which according to the lore of the game, is the Pokémon responsible for having created the entire universe.

For its part, Pokémon Legends: Areas will premiere the January 28, 2022, for Nintendo Switch.

Editor’s Note: The concept of Legends: Areas still does not end of convincing me. It is appreciated that they want to give you a new address to the Pokémon Saga, but maybe this idea has not been the best. Surely Areas reception will help define the future of the franchise, for good or for bad.