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What is the desire for Shuro Chi in Destiny 2?

The desire of Shuro Chi in Destiny 2 is Fourth desire which you can call in last desire Reid. Using this desire, you can cause a fight with Shuro Chi, one of the bosses of the specified raid. Although this battle is not as complicated as the battle with Riven, the final boss in the “last desire”, there are a lot of hell, which makes it a great place for Pharma. The image below shows a combination required to execute the desire of Shuro Chi. Run this combination in Wellness well To get into battle with Shuro Chi.

Destiny 2: Shuro Chi, the Corrupted Raid Guide - Last Wish

After Bungie has corrected the tralating in a split throne, farm murders for weapon catalysts has become quite difficult. That’s where the desire for Shuro Chi enters the game. Since in this battle with the boss, many addists appear, here you can easily snapar catalysts. In fact, if you managed to get Catalyst Gyallahorn , all you need to do is go to the desire of Shuro Chi and start blowing things. You will need a colossal 400 killings to master this catalyst.

If you have already played the “Last desire” raid, you probably know all the mechanics of battle. If this is your first Rodeo, think about finding someone who will help you with a raid, look for a combat group on a associated Destiny application 2 or on several DISCORD servers associated with Destiny 2. Good luck, keeper.

If you have problems with the Campaign “Queen Witch”, see the section “How to change the level of difficulty in the Campaign” Queen Witch “in Destiny 2 and other manuals for professional games.”