[PCS6] Tienru who started to solidify the first place on the 3rd day.

Tilu (TYL)

Tienu took chicken in the thirteenth match of the PCS6 Asia.

On the 1st, the Battleground Global E -Sports Competition (PUBG CONTINETAL SERIES) 6 Asia was held.

PCS6 is an online esports competition in four regions: Asia, Asia Pacific, America and Europe. The 16 teams selected through regional qualifiers will win 5 matches per day and 30 matches per region for 6 days for $ 250,000 in the region.

The PCS6 Asia, which includes Korea, will be held every Friday, Saturday and Sunday for two weeks from April 29 to May 8. PWS: Six Korean teams in Phase 1, one team in Taiwan and Japan, and eight China teams decided through the PCL 2022 Spring Playoffs.

[EN] PCS6 ASIA DAY 1 | PUBG Continental Series 6

The thirteenth match magnetic field was formed in Erangel Serbeni.

New Hae -Pi, Danawa Esports, 17 Gaming and Tienru, who overlapped the landmark in the early stages of the game, faced. As a result of the battle, Newhae and Tienu won the power fight without loss.

Phase 4 Guangdong Prix was eliminated without penetrating the Tienba Sports in the east of the magnetic field.

Infen tree ended in the process of insulating the pressure of Tienba’s sports in the northeast of the magnetic field, and Zenji succeeded in In -Cle by defeating Petrico Rod from the north.

TOP4 survived Tienru, Zutu, Zenji, and Tienba Sports.

Zenji won the battle with Zutu in the northwest of the magnetic field, and Tienu quickly arranged Tienba’s sports. Since then, Tienru’s 108, when he defeated Zenji ‘Maczora’ first, Zenji’s Innonix and Spear chose to self -destructive to avoid kill points.