Team commemorates its 3 million copies sold

Offward Industries is proud to reveal that Team, its tactical military FPS, exceeded 3 million copies sold on Steam.
With a current record of 192,000 players who came to compete on the exact same day (including an optimal of 26,104 players attached all at once), this FPS is still sustained by a community searching for sensible tactical battles based upon interaction.
At first a straightforward task of a group of modders, Team is currently fueled by a team of more than 100 individuals that intends to proceed to enhance an already high title of 22 cards fairly large to accommodate battles in 50 against
50. And who knows if you will certainly not cross the roadway to this great noddus.

Ubisoft Delist Might & Magic X after closing DRM

When announced for the first time in April that Aubisoft would close the servers of his RPG Might & Magic X: Legacy 2014, we would never have guessed that it would make the game completely unplayable. Now, however, it seems that rather than working to solve the problem, Ubisoft (at least for the moment) doubles its position, completely removing Might & Magic X from Steam.

Might & Magic X: Legacy is the continuation of the classic series Might & Magic, which started with Might & Magic Book One: The Secret of the Inner Sanctum in 1986. Since then, Science Fiction/Fantasy World of Might & Magic was restarted in a more traditional fantastic rate unrelated to previous games in the titles of 2006 Heroes of Might & Magic V and Dark Messiah of Might & Magic. There were 10 full years between the release of Might & Magic IX and X, and because of the restart, Might & Magic X serves heroes of Might & Magic VI. While Might & Magic X received fairly mixed criticism at launch, most criticisms agreed that it was a faithful representation of the classic RPGs that preceded it.

Might & Magic X - Devs Talk Deluxe Box & Release Date [US]

The problems started when Aubisoft closed Might & Magic X online servers at the start of this month. The end of these servers has led to serious DRM problems for Might & Magic X, preventing players from progressing beyond act 1. In a declaration to PC Gamer Magazine, a Ubisoft representative said they were “aware and investigated the problems reported”. Now, however, it seems that the investigation can take a little more time than expected – Might & Magic X has been fully deleted from the Steam store, the “Add to the basket” button replaced by a note saying “* notice: * At the request of the publisher, Might & Magic X – Legacy is no longer available for sale on Steam.

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The Early Access de Crossfire: Legion will start on May 24

The real-time strategy game of Prime Matter and Smilegate, CROSSFIRE: Legion will be available in advance access as early as May 24 2022 on Steam. It is possible to add it now in your wish list.

In the nearby future Apocalyptic, the world is at war. While the Black List and Global Risk factions compete in a perpetual war to dominate their ideology, a new faction named New Horizon makes its arrival on the battlefield. What to break the fragile balance that prevailed until then.

Crossfire: Legion - Official Reveal Trailer
In the campaign, you can embody the commander of one of the three factions of the game and lead your personalized army to victory over the battlefields of a world consuming world. Versus modes will also be available. And if it will of course lead your army to the front of the enemy, the management of your resources as well as the construction of a base will be essential. Many multiplayer modes should be offered in the game, putting your capacities of commander, strategist and tactician to severe test.

The anticipated access version will allow you to browse the first act of the campaign. You can also participate in co-op parts as well as two multiplayer modes. Finally, it will be possible to take part in the competition by confronting other players and perhaps, get the first place in the world ranking.


Crossfire characteristics: Legion

Elden ring struck: Steam-permanent burner is back on the chart

Even after more than one and a half months, Elden Ring is still at the top of the Steam Bestseller Charts to find – the throne had to give up from Sofsoftwares new Action RPG. But there is a good explanation.

Valve Index: Virtual Reality Headset is a Steam Continuous Burner

Again and again, new games celebrate a surprise success on Steam and manage to secure the first place in the Steam charts for a short time. But this success stops only briefly. At the latest after a few days there is a new Steam king, while the former throne owner quickly becomes forgotten.

But a Steam bestseller defies this trend for several months: The Valve Index VR-Kit . Although it rarely occurs that the virtual reality package can claim the top spot for itself, but in the past few months it was quasi consistent in the TOP 5 . Currently, it is in second place, just behind the Steam Deck (Source: Steam).


__Valve Index at Steam View

Why is the VR headset a steam topsllers?

But how did Valve managed that his in-house, almost 1,100 euros expensive VR headset becomes a true Steam-permanent burner? On the first time the VR set is already offered almost anywhere else . On Amazon, at Mediamarkt and Co. it can not be found so that a purchase at Steam is the best solution.

But the real reason for the permanently high chart placement is likely to be the fact that the Steam bestsellers are based on the sales of the individual products and not at the quantities sold . Since the VR headset kit proposes € 1,079, a classic 50-euro game must sell more than 20 digital copies to achieve the same sales. In other words, the Valve Index Kit does not have to be sold as well as normal PC games to secure a place in the Steam charts.

_ESCAPE Rooms in VR – does that really fun? Alex and Robert tried it and draw a clear conclusion: _

We are still curious how long the Virtual Reality Set still defends his place or maybe even further expand. Who knows, maybe 2022 the year in which VR gaming will finally become salonable.

Capcom announces exoprimal, a shower with dinosaurs

The Start of the State of Play tonight has been Exoprimal , a new Capcom game that will be published next year at PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One Steam.

In the trailer (on these lines) they are human with exoskeleton fighting dinosaurs, an approach that makes Earth Defense more more than Dino Crisis: set in the future, it seems that the thing goes from an agency that combats the waves of dinosaurs. The tone is covered, by the characters and by the same approach, with that robot that announces the arrival of the telltans as if they were a meteorological event.

Exoprimal - Reveal Trailer

It is a Shooter cooperative, yes, but there are also competitive dynamics; At a minimum Dino Survival, the main game mode, two teams of five players participate and face and face while trying to meet a series of “dynamic objectives”.

In Capcom-Unity there is something more information and an explanatory video from the development team.

Steam Deck Users Emulate Change Games and Nintendo has already started blocking video clips

Any player who knows Nintendo will certainly recognize that the business takes legal issues very seriously, as well as the Emulation is not seen with excellent eyes by the Terrific N, as proprietors of the new Steam Deck have actually already started to publish video clips From the laptop while playing with Mario and also firm, and also the Japanese company did not take long at obstruct the content of social networks.

The video clip revealed a footage of Super Mario Galaxy The instance was particularly recognized by thephawx, web content maker on YouTube with greater than 50,000 subscribers, that released a video of his Steam Deck while testing a Nintendo Switch emulator ** Earlier than late, the video clip was gotten rid of from its channel by revealing Nintendo material.

What did the video clip program? Besides functioning as a guide for those that were interested in replicating in his Steam Deck, the footage showed Thephawx while playing the version of Super Mario Galaxy offered in Nintendo Switch, which was not only useful, yet might be Take pleasure in a greater structure price to which your authorities variation is readily available in the Nintendo hybrid.

Nintendo does not anticipate patiently when it involves these issues, as it was currently demonstrated by tilling 1,300 YouTube videos that contained songs of your computer game. One more instance that ended up being known was Gary Bowser, leader of a team of cyberpunks that developed and also offered devices capable of running Nintendo titles.

Nintendo Face Backlash After Abusing DMCA & Taking Down Videos Showing Steam Deck Emulation

Even without the issue of emulation, Steam Deck has a collection greater than assuring games, being able not just to permit you to enjoy your present system collection of the same name, yet Shutoff has actually currently declared to have multiple tasks in growth.

“Yu-Gi-Oh Master Duel” A quickly losing “suicide deck” is a big deal! Finally, “Dont die” and recover rivals to the meta

Konami Digital Entertainment Handle, PS4 / PS5 / Xbox One / Xbox Series X | S / STEAM / Nintendose switch / for smartphones “Yu-Gi-Oh Master Duel”. In the “Exissise Festival” event held in this work, what is “suffering deck” is born and has a big topic.

“Self-destructing deck” is a deck that aims to defeat by damage to himself as its name. It is a construction that aims to lose efficiently.

Why are such decks are popular? It is caused by the way of rewarding events. In this event, “medal” can be obtained according to the battle result, but if the number is “100” if the number is victory, “50” is set to “50” (either of the madkki is used).

From some users who saw this specification, the view of “Is it more efficient to repeat the losing quickly and won more than one win?” And eventually. Thus, the opening “suffering deck” was supposed to be popular.

Under such circumstances, finally, the deck that will “suffered self-bomber meta” also appeared. This is, It is born from the invitation idea of ​​”I can not die absolutely” that I try to make it quick and self-destruct, “Heroic Gift” and “Hygena Muscle” etc. “Card to recover the other party” Stop and try to survive as long as possible. As a result, the prospects of players who are emphasizing only efficiency are trashed, but Of course, not all other than your self bombing deck **. This is deep chaos….

From the voice that “I want to enjoy the duel right” and the problem that “I can not help because I can not help because I can not help because I can not help because I can not help because I can not help”. Of course, all people do not use these decks, but you may enjoy the event match normally.

The “Exies Festival”, which is not obvious to the topic, such as the ban on popular cards and “Erdorich” on the first day of the event, is scheduled to be held until 13:59 on February 24.

Alien Report Cooperative Shooter “The Anacrusis” Cumulative Player Total Player Subscribed. In Steam, the offer to the Xbox / PC Game Pass is successful

Developer’s Stray Bombay announced on January 29 that the number of accumulated players has breached over 200,000 for FPS “The Anacrusis” currently under early access. This work has been released on the 14th of January this year to PC (Steam / Microsoft Store) / XBox One / Xbox Series X | S. It will be achieved about 2 weeks.

“The Anacrusis” is an FPS that supports cooperative play with up to four people. The stage is the huge spacecraft in the distant future. When I was stuck in some accident, it is attacked by a large group of aliens, and four survivors will stand up. A variety of guns appear in the weapon, and skills such as throwing enemy movement or stretching a bubble shield that does not attach an enemy. You can get it in progress.

Also, with the system called AI Driver, various game elements such as placement of weapons and various items, enemy spawns, and boss behavior are characterized in that they are adjusted according to the player’s skill level. Development source Stray Bombay, formerly in Valve, CHET Faliszek, who has been engaged in “LEFT 4 DEAD”, is a joint establishment, and it seems to be an impacted element from the AI ​​Director of the same work.

On the other hand, a retrofooter’s view of the world is a unique atmosphere of this work. This work is operated by the season system, and the character and the recording episode will follow the mystery of the alien attack.

As was this announcement, this work has surpassed 200,000 players in about 2 weeks from the start of distribution. Although it is a fairly large number, looking at the number of simultaneous connection players of the Steam version, about 270 people immediately after the launch, gradually decreased, and after that, it has been a long two digit ( Steamdb). Although it is the number of people who play at the same timing at the same time, it is not visible to meet the number of cumulative players.

In fact, this work is also provided to Subscription Service Xbox / PC Game Pass, and it is likely to be able to guess that there are quite a few users who are playing here. Developer also recognizes this point, and this kind of bias is about to be expected from the beginning. In addition, since this work is compatible with cross play, it is also mentioned that such bias does not affect the game experience, even if it plays on a platform.

Frankly, this work is not so exciting in Steam, but such titles are interesting to collect these players by Xbox / PC Game Pass. Users who usually play with Steam may also have a game in PC Game Pass. Going forward, it is likely to be asked to connect the players touching this work with the service etc. and also earn a new player.

About this work The developer is guided to be a plan to officially release in the fourth quarter of the fourth quarter of this year, with early access delivery of early access delivery. During this time, adding episodes and game modes, as well as improvements such as AI DRIVER, Weekly Challenge, UI.

Also, in this announcement, we have confirmed a number of problems by early access delivery, and show the idea of ​​correcting it as needed. During this week, patches for console versions will be delivered. It is said that 4K resolution play at Xbox Series X will also include the content that will be smoother. Also, if you are positive or negative, you are welcoming all feedback, saying the policy to create this work with the community.

“The Anacrusis” is early access delivery for PC (Steam / Microsoft Store) / Xbox One / Xbox Series X | S. It is also provided to the Xbox / PC Game Pass. By the way, this work does not support Japanese at the moment, but according to Famitsu’s editor Mill ☆ Mr. Yoshimura, it is up to the echoal access delivery during early access delivery.

Horizon Zero Dungeon and Days Gon, Steam PC Room

This is an alphabetical list of games released for the video game console Huge Drive. Not included are the games for the equipment expansion Sega Mega-CD and the Sega 32x. Likewise, consisted of are titles not licensed by Sega for releasing on the console, including magazines in Taiwan from various programmers such as Game, along with the magazines of Distinction prior to finishing the procedure Sega v. Distinction (977 F. 2D 1510, 9th Cir. 1992) and the succeeding licensing by SEGA. The list likewise consists of games of non-licensed third-party programmers after the product setups of the Huge Drives, as an example Pier Solar as well as the Great Architects.

The Play Side said on the 14th, and the steam PC Café, which is our service, and the three-piece game, such as Horizon Zero Dunn. Each game has been released as a play-time monopoly, and the PC version has been released as steam.

The title added this time is Horizon Zero Complete Edition, DAZN, Heliports Dive Harder Edition. All were one of the play time teaching killer titles.

First, Horizon Zero Dunn deals with an open-world action RPG, which deals with a strain of the machine life, dealing with various hunting tools and machinery in a future world that evolved by an captured animal robot. The Horizon Zero Corporation, which can be enjoyed at Steam, includes six additional content, including the expansion packs with the main piece. Korean subtitles are supported, resolution and visualization adjustment are possible.

Days On was a zombie Apocalypse, as a background, as a background, featuring a solid story and a sense of striking. After two years of fatal epidemics on mankind, the background deals with the process of surviving a zombie and angry biker, and the story will vary depending on the choice.

Helpers are a top-down action shooting game, and a special unit member, and the aliens come from all over the planet. Single play is also possible, but it can cooperate up to 4 people online, and you can enjoy and escape the mission according to your weapons and roles.

Steam PC cafés are services that provide games that are launched in the global PC game platform steam operated by the valve in the domestic PC room. More than 2,700 people in the country, 50 games in the PC room, are serving 50 kinds of games, providing about 20 kinds for PC room operations and win-win.

Details can be found on the steam PC café homepage.

Urban Development Railroad SLG Series Latest Production A Training Tourist Plan Steam Version Delivery New Elements such as high resolution graphics and scenarios

Art Dink started distributing the STEAM version (Publisher: DEG ICA) of the management simulation game A train. Tourism plan.

This work is urban development railway simulation that develops the city and develops the city. In the latest series of series, sightseeing is added as a new element, and tourists can receive tourists by preparing measures such as railways and buses to attractions that exist in the region.

In the STEAM version, the contents of the Nintendo switch released in March 2021 will be described in the content of the Nintendo Switch version, and expanded various graphics options such as high resolution textures. In addition to the number of operated vehicles, the operating station and the subsidiary upper limit, new features and full new scenarios Find Nushi and Return to revive. In addition, some additional elements in the STEAM version will be delivered to the Nintendo switch later.

Tourist planning to go by A train STEAM version is currently delivered. The price is 7,678 yen. By December 15, special promotions that will be 10% off are also underway.