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Open world fishing shim CALL OF THE WILD: THE ANGLER PC version released on August 31

EXPANSIVE WORLDS announced that it will release the open world fishing simulation Call of the Wild: The Angler on August 31 for PC (Steam, Epic Games Store, Microsoft Store) and publish a trailer. 。

This work is the latest work by creators of THEHUNTER: CALL OF THE WILD . While freely exploring the vast nature of the open world, you will find the perfect fishing spot for you and aim for the strongest angler. It is possible to enjoy fishing experience in a seamless and beautiful water area with a solo or up to 12 people. In the game, you can freely move on foot, off-road vehicles, and boats. Set in the beautiful nature of the northwestern part of Wyoming, traveling in a different world, such as turning rivers, magnificent alpine peaks, turquoise blue springs, magnificent hiking courses, hidden ponds, etc. can.

Techniques, such as winding reels according to the characteristics and behaviors of various fish that were realistically simulated by different water temperature, water depth, and altitude, and customizes rods, reels, lines, uki, hooks, lures, and bait. Let’s learn and enjoy the real pleasure of freshwater fishing.

CALL OF THE WILD: The Angler, which can be customized up to 12 people, will be released on August 31 to PC (Steam, Epic Games Store, Microsoft Store). The console version will also appear soon. In addition, this work will regularly add free/paid content.

Toranoana 5 stores, including Akihabara store A, are closed in August -Ikebukuro store continues to operate [Update]

We have announced that multiple stores, including Akihabara Store A, will be closed in August for Toranoana, which operates the distribution sales of manga, anime goods, doujinshi, and the store management business.


Toranoana is now a Twitter trend. According to the announcement, five stores will be closed on August 31, 2022: Akihabara store A, Shinjuku store, Chiba store, Namba store, and Umeda store. In addition, it is said that the Nagoya store, which had been searching for a returning store since last year, abandoned the store. The reason for these is that the effects of the corona’s evils that have been received in the store business since 2020 have not been signed at this time.

However, the Ikebukuro store will continue to operate mainly in women’s magazines, and although the sales of directly managed stores will be reduced once, the IN SHOP business that has been worked on from last year is more than 10 bases. It has been reported that it is planning to open a new store in Toyama, Aichi, and Shizuoka in July, August and September. The mail order and FANTIA business has grown significantly, and in consideration of the strict situation in the future, we have revealed that in the short term, we will focus on the DX business, focusing on mail order and Fantia.

Finally, the company shows the intention of expanding the support to creators, including the Ikebukuro store, IN SHOP, and existing digital services such as mail order and Fantia, as well as marriage. The service changes to users and circles associated with the closing will be announced again later.

Please check this page for details of the announcement.

*Update (2022/7/5 17:25): Since the announcement was made from the official, the postscript was made to the headline and articles.