How to enable light in the basement in Roblox Break in Story

A break in history is one of the most popular games in Roblox, and players need to stay together to go through it. In this narrative mode, players play for an ordinary citizen who finds himself in the center of the event called clean. The task is simple-to hide inside the house, look for food and weapons and survive the attacks of enemies-NPC.

Depending on the actions taken by the players in the game, several endings may occur. Along with this, there are many icons that you can earn by performing certain tasks. One of the most difficult tasks includes the inclusion of light in the basement on the second day when using laptops in the rooms. Performing the task will give the player a hacker icon.

How to find the key to the basement in Roblox Break in Story

On the first day, your first goal is to find the keys to open the door to the basement. Although there is no specific place to search for the key, players will be able to find it by sorting out boxes in each of the bedrooms. As soon as you find the key, just put it on and go to the door to the basement to open it. If another player has found the key to the basement before you, his name will be displayed when you approach the basement door.

How to use a laptop to enable light in the basement in Roblox Break in Story

A laptop is a stationary tool in each bedroom in Roblox Break in Story, it can be found on a table with a chair in front of him. Using a laptop is the only way to start the test of lights, after which the light will light up in the basement.

On the second day, one of these laptops will be turned on, and download will be displayed on the screen. As soon as the laptop finishes the load, players can sit on a chair to immediately start Lights Challenge. In Lights Challenge, the player must find and click on nine light switches in under 20 seconds . We advise you to increase the brightness of the screen to easily find switches in the dark.


As soon as you successfully click on all nine switches, the Lights call will be completed. The performance of this task will turn on the light in the basement and give the player the Hacker icon .

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The Last of Us 2-Video proves: Abby is invincible, even with mods

Be careful that Story spoilers for The Last of Us Part 2!

Can the terrible fate of Joel in the Last of Us Part 2 be prevented? Can Ellie kill her arch enemy Abby in the all -important fight on the beach of Santa Barbara? Normally, both questions must of course be answered with a clear “no”, after all, we cannot actively influence the linear story of the Naughty Dog adventure. But can mods change something on the events in Tlou 2? YouTuber and myth hunter Speclizer has now investigated this question.

YouTuber takes away Story from The Last of Us 2 with mods

Speclizer is usually known for his out of Bounds videos, in which he moves the camera freely and thus reveals details and secrets in the Last of Us Part 2. In his latest video, however, he dares an interesting experiment: Can the story be influenced with mods?

The somewhat sobering answer in advance: No, even mods cannot change decisive key scenes in the history of the post -apocalyptic adventure.

What happens in the video? The lower video is always worth seeing because it leads different story moments to absurdity. For example, by equipping Speclizer Ellie with a machine gun during the fight against Abby in Santa Barbara. The young woman shoots her opponent, she goes to the ground, should actually die. But Abby stands up almost zombie-like and continues to fight, precisely because Naughty Dog Abbys did not program at all. It should survive because it wants the story.

Here you can watch the video from Speclizer:

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In the video, Speclizer also tries to save Joel . But that doesn’t work either. Nevertheless, it is exciting to see how Ellie in the video simply glitch through the door into the basement and fails to shed down Joel’s torture servants. This ensures an unexpected tragedy.

In the video we also see that it is possible to kill Mel and Owen in the aquarium before Ellie does it in the cutscene. However, the two are then simply revived for dramatic cutscene. Seen in this way, Mel and Owen can even die two deaths. Somehow macabre.

Busting Myths with MODS in The Last of Us Part II
What events in the story of The Last of Us Part 2 would you change if you could?

Nexon, Maple Story, three digits, new talent concentration

At the same time, Nixon has launched a new open as well as developed a blog (individuals that make Maple United States: Maple Story) that share the advancement ideology of the Maple Story Group, A variety of work staff, such as video game preparation, programming, solution, art, and organization, will remain to reveal maple story live solution expertise.

The Nixon Gangwon-kwon, the supervisor, said, I decided to have a huge ability employment to give a much more delightful play experience and secure video game service for the user who conserved maple tales for a long period of time, he claimed. I requested a great deal of interest.

This focus employment is identified by simple support as well as fast testimonial through recently developed maple tales. Team interviews and unspecified interviews are conducted in the recruitment type. In the situation of programmers, on-line coding examinations are done.

Nixon has developed a brand-new talent employment prepare for 3 figures in the ‘Maple Story’ on its on-line game ‘Maple Story’, as well as has actually remained in the employment of Video game Tech swiped.

During the concentrated recruitment period, you can use KakaoTalk And also friend fostering therapy that you can get in touch with the Maple Story Group participant and also recruitment workers.


The recruitment industry ▲ Technical designer ▲ Game designer ▲ Data analysis ▲ Data source Manager (DBA) ▲ Application engineer ▲ Web application engineer ▲ System designer, etc. Maple Story Video Game Technology Story, etc. As the 7 industry, any person can support anything.

For additional information on the 2022 ‘Maple Story’ video game technology extensive employment, see Maple Story Cup face and also Maple Story Blog Site Maple US.

New game conquers Steam receives 89 positive reviews what is Demon Slayer The Hindokami Chronicles

Sega published on October 15, 2021 the new game Demon Slayer -kimetsu No Yaiba-the Hindokami Chronicles . The adventure fighting game is based on the Anime Demon Slayer and celebrates huge success in Japan. However, you do not have to be a fan of the anime to find fun at the game. Meinmmo explains what that is for a game and what the Reviews on the PC platform Steam say.

Genre: Adventure, Beat Em Up | Developer: CyberConnect2 | Platform: PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S | Release: 15 . October 2021

What is Demon Slayer – The Hindokami Chronicles for a game? Demon Slayer is an adventure beat – em-up, which always takes place on 3D battlefields during the story and online mode.

In the online multiplayer you can decide between 12 different characters, of which 6 have an additional skin.

Your goal is to bring the livelihood of the opponent with strategic combinations and your skills to 0. In doing so, you have a selectable combat partner at your site, which you can call in between with the touch of a button (on PS4 with L1) in between. He saves you from enemy attacks or shares harm together with you.

In addition, you can also choose the combat partner as an active fighter if your key holds longer. Both characters swap their positions, which provides more variety and strategy in the battle.

Story Mode of Demon Slayer – The Hindokami Chronicles

The story mode works: In story mode, the history of the anime will be so understandable that even people can follow that the original does not know.

Unlike online mode, you have the opportunity to explore on the respective maps, explore the area and collect items that allow you to unlock additional cutscenes or rewards.

The fighting in the story mode basically run as well as in the online fighting, but there is some quick-time events at the end of battles or during boss struggles, which challenge you challenge certain keys at the right time.

Who plays Games like Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm, the principle is known.

What s in the story? The gloomy story is Tanjiro and Neozo Kamado s sibling pair. The story plays in an older age of Japan. When Tanjiro is going to sell coal, his family is attacked by a demon and killed brutally.

Only Nazuko survives scarce and turns into a demon. She is to wonder all, but not malignant and wants to eat people, but is a very special kind of demon.

Tanjiro makes it a task to become a Demon Slayer to make his little sister Neozo again to a normal man. He meets many heavy and traumatic challenges and learns some important people who support him on his mission.

So the story was implemented in the game: In the Hindokami Chronicles you mainly play Tanjiro and pursues its strenuous career as Demon Slayer. In the game, the experiences of Season 1 of the anime and the film are retired.

All CutScenes are synchronized, designed with original charges, pretty graphic and are underlaid by suitable, great music.

Hinokami Chronicles can be played with both Japanese, as well as with English synchronization and you can choose subtitles in different languages ​​- including German.

Steam celebrates Demon Slayer – awards 89% positive reviews

What does the community say? The community praises the graphics, music and addictive combat mode from Demon Slayer. Especially the fans of the series and the manga should come according to the phrases of the reviews at Steam at their expense.

We have broken through the Steam Reviews for you; That s what the players say:

For fans of anime fighting games, Demon Slayer -kimetsu No Yaiba-the Hindokami Chronicles is a captivating experience. Even if you are a beginner of the series, it s a game that fun plays and has a clear narrative that captivates you directly. It may easily feel easy to feel, but it s a perfect example of what CyberConnect2 best can best.

Unrealisplayer via Steam

Ezekiel adds:

The quality of the effects is really good and the gameplay is pleasant.

Via Steam

Gamma is also the opinion:

If you like the Naruto Ninja Storm franchise and of course Demon Slayer, the game is a must. Solid story, animations and solid gameplay. Go and S-ranks these missions, I have already done it :).

Via Steam

Players also praise that there will soon be free DLCs to expand Demon Slayer – The Hindokami Chronicles. Over time, 6 new fighters are added and Season 2 is also to find their way into the game after the broadcast from December 2021.

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Demon Slayer – The Hindokami Chronicles still have to work

But there is also criticism of the game: Players criticize that there are too few characters for fighting. 6 of the 18 figures, with their skins are simple clones of existing fighters. Furthermore, the game for the current content with 59.99 euros is too expensive.

The players say that the story would be too short and they would have liked more content. However, the understanding of the understanding that Hinokami Chronicles does not want to spoil the story of the anime and manga.

In addition, the game so far only runs in 30 fps, which will be spatched for 60 fps, according to developers, what some fans also stops from the purchase.

All in all, Demon Slayer – The Hindokami Chronicles but a hit on Steam and harvestes massively positive rating of fans and new entrants. Who likes a character-focused story, fighting games and anime style, will come to its expense in this game.

What do you think of Demon Slayer -kimetsu No Yaiba – the Hindokami Chronicles? Have you already tested and are even a fan of the series or is anything like that for you? Write us in the comments.

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