How is a triangle strategy related to Octopath Traveler?

We compare Oktopath traveler to Triangle Strategy Because they have the same HD2D style, like the future Square-Enix destroyer for Nintendo SWITCH, live live . In addition, both games have a common producer of Tomoy Asano, and developer teams intersect. But a triangle strategy is not a continuation for Octopath Traveler, and this does not happen in the same universe.

The difference between Triangle Strategy and Octopath Traveler lies in the genre

Octopath Traveler is a step-by-step role-playing game, and the Triangle Strategy genre is laid in the title itself. It has notes of nostalgia for religious games, such as Tactics Ogre and Fire Emblem, but the Triangle Strategy refreshes the formula of unique characters and interactive elements of history that allows you to focus on philosophies like utility, morality and freedom. Octopath reminds us of how strongly we love Final Fantasy VI, and Triangle Strategy is reminded of the best of latest fantasy tactic .

It is worth noting how numbers are used in both names. We have eight travelers in Octopath, each with their history, and in Triangle Strategy? Three countries on the verge of war. And again in the center of attention of the history of characters. If there is some kind of relationship between Octopath Traveler and a triangle strategy, so this is what both games focus on the development of characters and the plot in addition to the combat mechanics. . Strategy or Step-by-step game – What is the difference for whom to hurt a character?

We are talking about the characters Octopath Traveler and Triangle Strategy, not about numbers.

Triangle Strategy | New Gameplay Today
Indeed, quality is more important than quantity! Square-enix has released Octopath Traveler, having received enthusiastic reviews and moderate success back in 2018. Now, four years later, her devotional fan base is stronger than ever. Triangle Strategy is ready to take off on this stable momentum, justifying its status “OCTOPATH successor”.

To learn more about the strategy of a triangle, see How long does the demo version of the Triangle Strategy last?

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