Alien Report Cooperative Shooter “The Anacrusis” Cumulative Player Total Player Subscribed. In Steam, the offer to the Xbox / PC Game Pass is successful

Developer’s Stray Bombay announced on January 29 that the number of accumulated players has breached over 200,000 for FPS “The Anacrusis” currently under early access. This work has been released on the 14th of January this year to PC (Steam / Microsoft Store) / XBox One / Xbox Series X | S. It will be achieved about 2 weeks.

“The Anacrusis” is an FPS that supports cooperative play with up to four people. The stage is the huge spacecraft in the distant future. When I was stuck in some accident, it is attacked by a large group of aliens, and four survivors will stand up. A variety of guns appear in the weapon, and skills such as throwing enemy movement or stretching a bubble shield that does not attach an enemy. You can get it in progress.

Also, with the system called AI Driver, various game elements such as placement of weapons and various items, enemy spawns, and boss behavior are characterized in that they are adjusted according to the player’s skill level. Development source Stray Bombay, formerly in Valve, CHET Faliszek, who has been engaged in “LEFT 4 DEAD”, is a joint establishment, and it seems to be an impacted element from the AI ​​Director of the same work.

On the other hand, a retrofooter’s view of the world is a unique atmosphere of this work. This work is operated by the season system, and the character and the recording episode will follow the mystery of the alien attack.

As was this announcement, this work has surpassed 200,000 players in about 2 weeks from the start of distribution. Although it is a fairly large number, looking at the number of simultaneous connection players of the Steam version, about 270 people immediately after the launch, gradually decreased, and after that, it has been a long two digit ( Steamdb). Although it is the number of people who play at the same timing at the same time, it is not visible to meet the number of cumulative players.

In fact, this work is also provided to Subscription Service Xbox / PC Game Pass, and it is likely to be able to guess that there are quite a few users who are playing here. Developer also recognizes this point, and this kind of bias is about to be expected from the beginning. In addition, since this work is compatible with cross play, it is also mentioned that such bias does not affect the game experience, even if it plays on a platform.

Frankly, this work is not so exciting in Steam, but such titles are interesting to collect these players by Xbox / PC Game Pass. Users who usually play with Steam may also have a game in PC Game Pass. Going forward, it is likely to be asked to connect the players touching this work with the service etc. and also earn a new player.

About this work The developer is guided to be a plan to officially release in the fourth quarter of the fourth quarter of this year, with early access delivery of early access delivery. During this time, adding episodes and game modes, as well as improvements such as AI DRIVER, Weekly Challenge, UI.

Also, in this announcement, we have confirmed a number of problems by early access delivery, and show the idea of ​​correcting it as needed. During this week, patches for console versions will be delivered. It is said that 4K resolution play at Xbox Series X will also include the content that will be smoother. Also, if you are positive or negative, you are welcoming all feedback, saying the policy to create this work with the community.

“The Anacrusis” is early access delivery for PC (Steam / Microsoft Store) / Xbox One / Xbox Series X | S. It is also provided to the Xbox / PC Game Pass. By the way, this work does not support Japanese at the moment, but according to Famitsu’s editor Mill ☆ Mr. Yoshimura, it is up to the echoal access delivery during early access delivery.