Pazdora Nintendo Switch version of 100 yen sale starts

GungHo Online Entertainment has launched a summer sale of Puzzle & Dragons Nintendo Switch Edition on August 1st. During the period until August 27, a game with a regular price of 500 yen is sold for 100 yen.

PUZZLE & DRAGONS Nintendo Switch Edition is one of the Pazdora series released in February this year. While solving a puzzle that connects three or more drops of the same color, it follows a smartphone version of the game system that goes through the dungeon. In this work, there are adventure mode that captures a variety of dungeons, competition mode that fights other players online, or offline, and edit mode that can freely make and upload dungeons. There are some ways to play.

This work is Transcendence Update on July 14, and the number of dungeons in the adventure mode is doubled or a large number of achievements that can turn gacha for free are added, so it is easy to play with the game. It has been modified. Students who entered the summer vacation would have spent more time than usual. Now that it is easy to get with the special price of 100 yen, why not try Pazdora, which has increased the number of elements.

At the same time as this sale, the transcendental edit mode contest using edit mode has also started. The dungeon selected for the highest award will be implemented in the smartphone version of the new evolution of the dungeon based on the work and the boss monster set in the dungeon. In addition, the winning award is 9000 yen-worth of Nintendo Paid Cards, and participation prizes are also available for smartphone players. For smartphone players who have Nintendo Switch but are not playing, this contest and sale will be a good opportunity to play.


In addition, it will be implemented on the smartphone version of the work that won the highest award in the Edit Mode Contest held in April. I want you to check this out and connect the ideas of the transcendental edit mode contest.

PUZZLE & DRAGONS Nintendo Switch Edition is on sale for Nintendo Switch for 100 yen from today to August 27. The application period for the transcendental edit contest will be until August 31st. If you are planning to participate, please check the announcement on the official website once again and be careful not to forget to do so.

An NPD expert predicts that Xbox Series X and the PS5 will certainly not have an effect on sales of Nintendo Switch in 2020

Extra when it comes to a console suggests that it is made use of as an additional aspect in a person’s video game library as well as is not the only means to take in games on the current console market. The majority of Switch proprietors use hybrid as a method to capitalize on Nintendo Indie titles as well as products when taking a trip, while PS4 or Xbox One are used to play the best third-party games as well as various other console exclusives.

And also if the Xbox Series X of Microsoft as well as the PlayStation 5 of Sony will release the following generation of consoles in 2020, the numbers show a constant success for the crossbreed machine.

The Nintendo Switch has filled the void in between the business console and the pocket computers markets, making it a big success that can be used as a typical console or away from the HDMI cable and also the station D ‘welcome.

While the generation continues to progress and also less third celebration titles are able to make use of switch devices since it is outdated contrasted to the Xbox Series X as well as PS5, sales might start to fall due to the fact that the new video games will have much more To learn well and also the difference in between the next generation as well as the Switch versions of a title will certainly be a lot more visible. That will still not protect against people from using it to play games much less intensive graphically and also Nintendo titles.

According to an NPD Games expert, Floor covering Piscatella, an investigation by the firm shows that 40% of Switch proprietors in the USA likewise have one or the other two gaming consoles. As well as even thinking about the number of individuals interviewed in the Playerpulse survey, it has actually long been perceived that switch was made use of by most individuals as additional product if they play video games outside of Nintendo exclusives.

Generally, the figures show that the Nintendo darling will make sure at the very least up until 2020 and a lot of 2021, because it is made use of as a supplement as well as not as the cornerstone for a huge part of the players. However the more we go into the new years without switch pro or various other enhancement in the console, these sales numbers can start to fall.

Piscatella forecasts that the launch of brand-new generation tools will certainly have no significant impact on switch sales, as it will remain to be made use of by a lot of people that plan to get one of the new gaming consoles as an Additional part. It will certainly be indie andMariodevice as many claim, while the new gaming consoles will be utilized to playfifa 21 ,halo infinite , and also whatever the launch titles launched on PS5.

Launch date of Rune Factory 5 PC: When does the video game begun Heavy steam?

Rune Factory 5 was introduced in 2019 as well as was to be launched in 2020, yet there was a delay and Japan was delayed to May 2021. The title was released in March in North America, yet just Nintendo Switch players were able to experience the activity RPG title. Leave the quantity of PC with gone across arms and wait on an announcement and even a rumor. Fortunately, a recent statement has actually shown the title day of the title on the Microsoft platform.

Several followers of the Rune Factory series wonder when Rune Factory 5 begins the PC system. The collection that began in the Nintendo DS period has placed a long means given that its moderate beginnings, as well as currently your newest title will involve the PC system.


publication date of Rune Factory 5 COMPUTER: When does the video game come on Vapor?

Rune Factory 5 was announced in 2019 and also was to be released in 2020, however there was a hold-up and also Japan was postponed to May 2021. According to a lately released leakage, Rune Factory 5 will certainly be launched on July 13 on the PC. According to the SteamdB web page of Rune Factory 5, the game steam accumulating cards, achievements, cloud memory as well as also partly controller support.

Numerous of these problems might be addressed as soon as Rune Factory 5 goes live on the computer, so players shouldn’t stress. This is not the very first Rune Factory title that shows up on the PC, so gamers Hakama Workshop and also their previous projects need to trust.

The video game was released on March 22nd on Nintendo Switch as well as his testimonials are at ideal average; The game 68/100 obtained on Metacritic, and also according to the IGN review, the game is anything however ideal. Even if the game exceeds all the important things that gamers anticipate from a title like this, the efficiency on the Nintendo Switch is anything however excellent.

Runenfabrik 5 is now readily available for Nintendo Switch as well as will be launched on July 13th for Computer.

According to a lately released leak, Rune Factory 5 will certainly be released on July 13 on the PC. In enhancement to the release date, the SteamdB side of the game reveals a great deal of info regarding the title. According to the SteamdB web page of Rune Factory 5, the video game steam collecting cards, achievements, cloud memory and even partially controller support.

According to the testimonial, the video game is extremely conscious stick drift; Even when playing on the Pro Controller from Nintendo Switch, the game suffers from a certain entrance hold-up, that makes the struggle and even the production process much less enjoyable. The visuals of the video game is not that wonderful when it pertains to the environment; Although the character models are impressive, the game globe looks level.

Dungeon fighter online

Does Street Fighter 6 come for Nintendo Switch?

Are you a Nintendo Switch proprietor as well as a follower of combating video games that Street Fighter 6 want to enter into their hands? The most up to date entry in Capcom’s long-standing battling game collection was officially unveiled with a publication day 2023 for PC, PlayStation and also Xbox. Nintendo’s console was obviously omitted from the discussion, yet the video game resembles it could operate on the system. Does Street Fighter 6 come for Nintendo Switch?

magazine day of Street Fighter 6 for Nintendo Switch

Street Fighter 6 does not come for Nintendo Switch. Presently the video game is just confirmed for computer, PlayStation 4, Xbox One as well as Xbox Collection X | s. Even if it shows up as if the video game appears on all significant platforms, Nintendo fans unfortunately have to suspend this battle.

will there be a Switch over port from Street Fighter 6?

There is more bad news for Nintendo battling video game fans because a button porting of Street Fighter 6 is unbelievably unlikely. Street Fighter V did not even make it to the system in a damaged port, and also Capcom has not also decided to put the older Street Fighter IV on the system (although it runs on 3DS). Instead, Capcom has actually preferred to bring collections of classic games on Nintendo Switch, such as the Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection.

Even if a video game at the beginning is not readily available on Nintendo Switch does not indicate that it does not concern the system at some point. Also graphically intensive games such as Ruin Eternal as well as Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus have actually found their means to Nintendo’s handheld crossbreed, which means that Street Fighter 6 might potentially arrive at Change if Capcom desired to make the difficulty of porting it.

Why does not the video game come for Nintendo Switch?

If Street Fighter V never ever came to Nintendo’s portable, this is an excellent indication that Street Fighter 6 will certainly not do it either. In this case, porting the game would certainly have to be weakened exceptionally, and if you take this into account with the existing history of the series on the platform, it is not unexpected that Street Fighting 6 drops the button.

If Street Fighter V never ever came to Nintendo’s portable, this is a good indication that Street Fighter 6 will certainly not do it either.

Because the background of the franchise on Nintendo Switch, which is primarily non-existent, it is extremely not likely that the latest entry will ever be ported to the console. Although it is not entirely impossible-more requiring games have finished up in the eShop-Capcom probably wishes to focus on PlayStation, Xbox as well as computer for this game.

Street competitors 6 showed up in 2023 for computer, PS4, PS5, Xbox One as well as Xbox Series X | s.

Are you a Nintendo Switch owner and a fan of dealing with video games that Street Fighter 6 would like to get right into their hands? There is more bad information for Nintendo dealing with game fans due to the fact that a switch porting of Street Fighter 6 is incredibly not likely. Rather, Capcom has preferred to bring collections of timeless video games on Nintendo Switch, such as the Street Fighter 30th Wedding Anniversary Collection.

New world

The Last Cube: Smother puzzles bring heads in March to smoke

Brain Raise: Tricky Puzzle - Christmas DOP Game - All Levels 1-30
Improx Games tricky Puzzle Adventure The Last Cube is expected to be released on March 10 for PC, Switch, Xbox and PlayStation. In a series of surreal, otherworldly landscapes, it is up to you to discover the history of this eerie alien civilization.

It is an atmospherically dense puzzle, in which it comes to guide a dice through a variety of enigmatic, monolithic chambers and discover the story behind this strange world. Explore a wide range of brutalistic architecture, which extends from misty, nightmare fortifications over oppressive, lava-illuminated factories to developing natural landscapes, where golden sunbeams are glittering on the mountains.

Paired with an epic soundtrack, which reinforces the threatening mood, and an abstract story about a dying world on the threshold to Ruin, The Last Cube is an atmospheric, mysterious riddle game that makes you fully immerse yourself in his abandoned world.

The Last Cube has a unique sticker system that allows you to stamp certain skills on the pages of your cube, creating your new skills for this interface. Some allow you to flit out by obstacles, others create makeshift stairs and some give the ability to turn themselves on the spot to easily maneuver.

The positioning of the cube to get the desired stickers on the right surface can range from pleasingly simple to masochistic head scratches, while they are fighting through the over 100 puzzles of the Last Cube. New mechanisms are introduced in a rapid pace and quickly expand the possibilities of cube.

The combing of each chamber offers a solid challenge, but only the most dedicated players will discover all the collective objects and bonus sections of The Last Cube scattered throughout the adventure. Do you have the stuff to solve the puzzles left by your ancestors and save this strange world before the collapse?

“The Last Cube has since returned a long way since its beginnings in 2017 and has grown into a much more ambitious project when we could ever imagine,” says Max Samarin, Creative Director at Improx Games. “The final result is a rich puzzle experience whose gameplay is full of joyous AHA moments and surprises, settled in very diverse, colorful, eerie and mysterious environments of the Cube planet. We believe that both occasional and hardcore puzzle fans will be enthusiastic about the gradually evolving mechanics and the abundance of secrets, when The Last Cube is on the market on March 10. “

GTA on the Switch Rockstar presents first pictures fans can not believe it

While the GTA Remaster can convince well on the Next gene consoles and the PC, the switch seems to encounter its technical limits in the new edition of the classics. First screenshots from the handheld version prepare the fans in any case.

GTA-Trilogy: Switch pictures do not make good impression

Rock star gives his GTA classics a new paint in a few days and publishes a remastered version of the GTA-Trilogy. While the optical improvements on the PC and the Next-Gen consoles can be seen quite well, the fans were not sure how well the new edition of the old games on the switch would look like.Now Rock star has published on the official games website first screenshots — and they make anything but a good impression, but see themselves:

Weak textures, missing shadow throws, poor lighting — The GTA-Remaster seems to bring the switch to your technical limits. In addition, it is not yet known if the Remaster version will run on the handheld console in 30 or 60 fps.

I m trailer looked so good…

Fans fall from all clouds

The fact that the graphic quality of to Remaster on the Nintendo console leaves much to be desired is not escaped the GTA fans on Reddit. Under a corresponding post already gather the negative comments, which also highlight particularly evil graphic fathers.

Thus, Reddit users Soulciel120 writes about: Tommy s arms… God.

Also, Among is anything but excited: My goodness, Nintendo, that should really show you that you are very back in the hardware.

Currently, it is not known if the screenshots were recorded in docked or handheld mode. However, since the images of the website offer all a full HD resolution, it can already be assumed that the screenshots were made in docked mode. So it is well possible that the games look even worse.

In a few days we know more. GTA: The Trilogy — The Definitive Edition appears on November 11 for PC, PS5, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series and the Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo Will Make 20 Fewer Switch Consoles Than Expected Via March

If you thought getting a Nintendo Switch was difficult over this previous year, that test is not going to slow down anytime soon.

That s since Nintendo will certainly be making 20% fewer Switch consoles than anticipated with March, according to a new report from Nikkei Asia. The 20% decrease equates to about 6 million fewer Switch consoles, as Nintendo initially prepared to produce and deliver 30 million Switch systems by March. Nikkei Asia reports that the organized number has actually been lowered to 24 million.

Are you also interested in topics related to Nikkei Asia Games?

As you could expect, the reason for this decrease in manufacturing is chips, or instead, the continuous scarcity of chips. The same chip scarcity that has actually made buying video cards, brand-new lorries, PlayStation fives, and also Xbox Collection X/S gaming consoles coincides lack influencing Nintendo.

We are evaluating their [part lacks] effect on our production, a Nintendo agent informed Nikkei Asia.

In spite of this lowered target number, demand for the Switch remains high. Actually, if the production had the ability to meet this need, there s an excellent possibility Nintendo would have struck its 30 million target number. According to Nikkei Asia, the recurring supply crunch has left Switch with a 37% loss in sales to 214,000 units in September from a year back, marking the third straight month of year-on-year decreases, a stat the publication learned from Japanese video game magazine Famitsu.

Nintendo s initial goal was to offer 25.5 million units in the 2021 fiscal year that finishes following March, today that number doesn t seem likely. However, the Switch is nearing 100 million units marketed, having actually marketed an overall of 89 million since the Switch s release back in March of 2017.

For more about the Switch, examine out our thoughts on the newest model in Game Informer s Nintendo Switch OLED evaluation and after that review what we think of Mario Event Superstars. Afterwards, capture up on every little thing concerning Animal Crossing: New Horizons in the new Satisfied Residence Heaven DLC, which goes reside on Friday.