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FIFA 22: SBC Aaron Ramsey RTTF. A new Road to the final card available

EA Sports announced that SBC is available that allows you to unlock the Road to the Final Aaron Ramsey for the FIFA 22 Ultimate Team mode .

The European evenings are back and the most important teams of the continent are giving battle on the game land to reach the UEFA Champions League final, UEFA Europa League and UEFA Europa Conference League.

Now you can be involved in the Road to the Final in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team with special dynamic cards that can receive updates as the teams advance in your tournament.

This RTTF Ramsey SBC is CRACKED!

You can redeem the Welsh midfielder card that plays in the Rangers by completing the SCR available in Fut .

SBC requirements Aaron Ramsey RTTF – Road to the final

  • Min. Players 1: Team of the week (TOTW)
  • Team assessment Min.: 83
  • Team understanding Min.: 75
  • Number of players in pink: 11

SBC Solutions Aaron Ramsey RTTF – Road to the final ******

Remember to always check in your club if useful cards are available with Overall itself and that they equally guarantee the same affinity with the other cards present in the solution that we report below. In this way you can save valuable credits.

Solutions available at the following link **.


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Latteine and Lohmann fall for international matches

In terms of World Cup qualification, it looks very good for the DFB women.
After six games, the German team stands with the top yield of 18 points in 1st place 1 of the World Cup qualification group H.
The lead to the second Portugal is five points.
Against that team, the team of Martina Voss-Tecklenburg is also on Saturday (16.10 clock in Bielefeld).
So it can be made a big step towards the end tournament.

#AsianQualifiers - Group B | Australia 0 - 2 Japan
On Tuesday, the 12th of April (4 pm), the guest performance is in Serbia.
The Federal Trainer must refrain from both games on the Munich Lohmann (positively tested on Covid-19) and Wolfsburg Latteine (muscular complaints).

Voss-Tecklenburg Nominated Ramona Petzelberger from Aston Villa and Chantal Hagel from the TSG 1899 Hoffenheim.

Curling, rules: points, players, playing field, stones

Since the 1998 Olympics in Nagano, Olympia has a competition in the gentlemen and ladies in curling. Since the recent Games still a Mixed Competition has been added. We take the next Olympic Winter Games in Beijing as an opportunity to provide you all information about the points, the players, the pitch and the stones in curling.

Three competitions will take place at this year’s Olympic Games in Curling: the competitions of men and women and a mixed competition. Even before the opening ceremony on February 4, the Mixed Competition starts at Olympia. The match for the gold medal in mixed doubles competition is then on 8 February. The finals of the men and women will be held on 19 and 20 February.

Curling Rules: Points, Player, Boundary, stones

Curling is best compared with the curling or ball sports boules or bocce. When curling, two teams compete against each other. The aim is to place the curling stones as close as possible to the center of a target circuit, the so-called House on a skating rink. In a competition ten rounds (Ends) are usually played. After each end, the points of the respective teams are counted together. The winner is the team which achieves the highest total score at the end.

to score a point in curling, by placing a stone in House. The team, which has placed its stone closest to the center, the _Tee, _ wins the final and get points.

If several stones of a team closer to the tea as the bestplatzierteste stone of the opposing team, the team can get more points in a End. A stone brings to the team each one a point.

In each end, a team may place eight stones each. If no team can place a stone in House, no team gets points for End. The winner of an end must be put in the next end the first st1. Thus, the opposing team has the Recht the last Steins, a strategic advantage.

Ending the competition after ten Ends draw a Zusatzend is played, has fallen to a decision. A competition in curling can not end in a draw. Each team gets 75 minutes to complete the ten Ends. Exceeds the team’s time, it automatically loses. In a Zusatzend the teams are each eleven minutes available.

Curling Rules: Points, Player, Boundary, stones – Winners at the Olympic Games


Games gold silver bronze
1998 Nagano Switzerland Canada Norway
2002 Salt Lake City Norway Canada Switzerland
2006 Turin Canada Finland United States

Rules of Curling EXPLAINED : How to Play Curling : CURLING
2010 Vancouver | Canada | Norway | Switzerland
Sochi 2014 | Canada | United Kingdom | Sweden
2018 Pyeongchang | United States | Sweden | Switzerland

The players

A team in curling consists of five players, four active team members and one substitute. A team placed in an end always two stones in succession – a total of eight in number.

The first two stones placed while the Lead, _ the stones three and four of _Second, the stones five and six of Third. The last two stones are placed by Skip. He is also the captain of the team usually showing during the game his teammates on where to place their stones.

The playing field

The playing field in Curling is 45.7 meters long and up to five meters wide. At the beginning and end of the playing surface is a House which has a diameter of 3.66 meters. There are several lines on the field. It is very important, especially the so-called Hogline. These may not exceed the players when placing the tiles.

The opposite Hogline marks the beginning of Free Guard Zone. The Freeguard Zone is the area between the Hogline and the center of Houses. Here the teams can place stones as protection (Guards). From the fifth throw this Guards may be transported with other stones from the field. The end of the Houses marks the Backline. If a stone cross that line, this stone is out of the game.

The stone

The stone at the Curling weighs 17.5 to 20 kilograms. The stone must a maximum extent of about 90 centimeters have. The curling stones are usually made of granite or other natural st1. The concave bottom of the stone it slides well on the ice.


An essential component of the curling is sweeping. The team that has played the stone is trying to speed up the stone by sweeping and influence his career. Here, the stone must not be touched. A maximum of two players on a team sweep simultaneously.

If the played stone exceeds the center of the houses, the opposing team may sweep in front of the stone and try to promote it from the house via the BACKLINE. ## Curling, rules: points, players, playing field, stones – the winners at the Olympics ### Ladies Games | Gold | Silver | bronze – 1998 Nagano | Canada | Denmark | Sweden 2002 Salt Lake City | Great Britain | Switzerland | Canada 2006 Turin | Sweden | Switzerland | Canada 2010 Vancouver | Sweden | Canada | People’s Republic of China 2014 Sochi | Canada | Sweden | United Kingdom 2018 Pyeongchang | Sweden | South Korea | Japan Articles and videos about the topic * Top sport live on Dazn. Register now! Can be terminated at any time monthly. ### Mixed competition Games | Gold | Silver | bronze – 2018 Pyeongchang | Canada | Switzerland | Norway

Kevin Danso in the play

Kevin Dan so comes straight from the club grounds, euro athletics was this Monday on the program. Those training method trains the brain to help identify situations faster and improves responsiveness. All this is the basis on which the current wave of success of the RC Lens is based. The defender, came from Augsburg in the summer for five million euros, has played a big part.

Lens is a medium-sized city in northern France, there are far more beautiful corners and busier areas in our neighboring country. Why did it devious you in the province on the border with Belgium, Mr. Dan so? ​​

True, Lens is indeed a small town, but I feel very comfortable here. And thus it does a lot with his colleagues, which welded together. I am a Schiller boy does not always have to go out. And if it once but must be, one is also fast in the nearest large city, which is only half an hour from here.

As you have so far settled in Lens?

Very good, the team takes everyone on cordial. We are a team, a bit like a family. Although the many say in Lens, but it is really true. Everyone comes clear with everyone. The only challenge: Not many speak English here.

With the French it still does not work like that?

(Responds to French) I speak a little French. (Moves back to German) I understand a little when my team-mates speak slowly. But once I record a weekly 90-minute course and learn quickly. But I fear me not to talk — if it’s wrong, it’s just wrong. After all, I had nine years of French in school.

In the city center, the boys are more likely to live.

Kevin Dan so

An own home makes the acclimatization easier. How do you currently live?

Currently, still in the hotel, in about two weeks I can relate my house. Here it is not easy to find something that now I live on the outskirts of the city. In downtown even treat the boys live.

counting at the age of 23 as already on the scrap heap?

Well, there are quite a few younger than me.

Some of them form the backbone of the team with which you were temporarily even number one persecutor of leaders Paris Saint-Germain. Why it works just as well?

We are a family are close together as a team. We are super coached and everyone knows what he has to do. Offensively, we are always dangerous, creating many chances. Even against Brest when we 0: lost 4, we had three very good opportunities.

The team usually plays with a three-man in defense, with you as the central element. A position that brings a lot of responsibility. As the communication is with your side people who indeed speak only French and Spanish?

A smattering I get out already ( Wechsler back into French) left, right, go deep… ( fart in German continued) I try as much as possible to talk. If a word to me times can not remember, I give my statement just in English. I love to take responsibility. Because I have naturally focused and stay awake, which helps me in my game.

At the moment you are number 5. What is this season still possible?

We have a very good team, we have often proved enough. The next few games are the most important.

Now that’s a standard response.

But that’s how it is. Many have begun to speak before they have achieved something. Then they crashed. We think from game to game, or in stages. Even before this week English, we have set a specific goal.

However, it is the goal when the team already has the international courts to stay there too. Which would mean the international business for you?

It is generally the dream of every professional to play in the Europa League or Champions League. That’s always been a goal for me. For me, that would be something very special.

No footballer is generally poor, although it is often presented that way.

Kevin Dan so

You have first made in Augsburg a good development, but then stagnated somewhat.

I do not think so. I had just too little playing time. Since I had indeed learned a lot, but did not become worse. But the older you get, the fewer mistakes are forgiven one. For my age I have therefore probably made too many mistakes, but had not the opportunity to show me. And to prove that I have learned from the mistakes’m getting better, and I develop. If you can show continuous and feel the trust that is the best. No footballer is generally poor, although it is often presented that way.

You are now regulars. How do you explain your performance increase in France?

Mainly through self-confidence. If you then have the confidence of the club and the players, the performance comes by itself. Football makes me currently so much fun that helps.

On Sunday, Paris Saint-Germain comes to Lens. What is it like when world-class players like Dylan Mbappé, Lionel Messi and Angel Di Maria to come to a?

It has front of each player respect, but against such world-class players, it is again something special. Then each player has once more Bock. That’s just how it is. I look forward to meeting extreme for such comparisons I play football. Because I want exact point where these players are. At such meetings you grow, you get better, get more experience.

What opportunities do you expect from?

BEHIND THE SCENES | Kevin Danso gets familiar with new surroundings at Southampton

If we play well, it will be hard for PSG. We can always make a goal, no matter from what situation. I also believe that they come with respect, after all, we are playing at home. If we make a good game, a victory is possible.

At Augsburg times: Kevin Dan so and Markus Easier. Imago images / Warrior

In August Kevin Dan so did not feel in Augsburg more really needed and wanted to change. The offer from Lens was there just at the right, but the person in charge of FC Augsburg it was too low. Dan so not received clearance, mentally did not feel to play in the situation. The club had broken his word, did not even respond to the offer from Lens — although the leaders had promised that. The fact that the negotiations had not been taken up, he had been afraid that Lens chooses another player. He felt such by his own admission unable to play and not taken seriously. After a poor training performance it turned coach Markus Easier with a choice: move to a loud Dan so too high, adequate, according to manager Stefan Router price, to train with and play abroad or suspension.

Your departure from Augsburg hit some waves. What do you take from the time?

I was promised that the FCA dealt with an offer if it comes from abroad. Unfortunately, this is far from happening. This has extremely disappointed me, but fortunately it ended well for all sides, and I’m happy about every success of Augsburg. I do not think much about it, the thing is history for me. I’m here now in Lens and focus on my duties here. Furthermore, I have made the right decision and that is what counts.

How did you come to Lens?

I get a lot of it not with my brother is also my adviser and takes care of incoming offers. I then read me something was looking at the achievements in recent years, and then I came to the conclusion that I want to do that. Also, because I have noticed that it is me here 100 percent familiar. The French league is something new, very attractive, and I have a new task needed, where I can prove myself.

I am concentrating only once on my performances in Lens and I would like to recommend me for the national team.

Kevin Dan so

Austria’s national team plays in the play-off finals against Wales. You have people like Interledger, Lien hart and Dramatic in front of him. What are your ambitions for the national team?

For me, it is always a goal. I had to be already been present happiness. Now I focus first on my performances in Lens and I would like to recommend me for the national team. The guys mentioned are consistently top defender, but when I play a top season, I am one of them. The rest comes by itself.

In Marseille was hit Dimity Payer from a bottle, something did not happen the first time in France. What do you say to the fan unrest?

The fans in Lens make a great atmosphere in general, are very emotional about this. The players love it when fans at the stadium, but of course such unrest should not happen.

Ausschreitungen in Ligue 1: A chronology of the Chaos

In Clermont there was only a 2: 2nd What went wrong?

It’s not easy to play in Clermont, accordingly intense was the game. Of course, we had hoped for more — a win was in there too. But we take the point and look forward to the upcoming task against Paris.

Union Berlin Urs Fischer s march route against SV Waldhof

This list of CBS broadcasts contains a selection of all shipments and series that are broadcast in original broadcast at CBS.

The fact that Union goes to this game as a favorite is clear due to the two-class difference. For Urs Fischer, however, at least as well, that his team is in front of a difficult task. The coach of the Berliner also refers to the first round of the Cup, when Mannheim very deserves 2: 0 won against Eintracht Frankfurt . In any case, his team meet an opponent who is very good on the way , so fisherman, and also a team with first and second league experience . The current table of tables of the 3rd league have a good compactness, they defend well together . In addition, Waldhof be very dangerous for baller conquests over the wings and have a lot of speed, complementing the trainer of the Iron.

Despite 1: 1 in Stuttgart made a very good game

However, Fischer is confident that Union can build on the good performance of Stuttgart, where the game was controlled almost over the entire season. Compared to the encounter from Sunday, however, his team in Carl-Benz Stadium must be a bit more consistent when it goes towards the opposing goal, the 55-year-old demands. In addition, his team can still increase in their own attacks still in terms of precision. Basically, and the stressed fisherman again on Tuesday, union, however, made a very good game in Stuttgart . And that Captain Christopher Trimmel and colleagues are supposed to build.

Door to do without the Iron in Mannheim on Max Kruse. The former national player laboratory laboratory on foot problems, which already occupy him according to Fischer. I hope Max is back to the team as quickly as possible, says the coach of the Berliner who hopes that Kruse already available in the league game next Saturday against FC Bayern Munich (15.30, live! On Eintracht Frankfurt) again stands.

In addition to Kruse in Mannheim, the two positive on corona tested central defense Marvin Friedrich and Rick Van Drongelen, where a comeback loud fisherman is foreseeable. It should not take too long for you to return to training, says the Swiss, who can not plan with Julian Ryerson. He is ill, but a corona test fell negative. Rani Khedira, who had been replaced by the league game in Stuttgart because of light adductor problems, is probably available.

The main news of Football Manager 2022 for this sepractically disappearedon

Year after year and with a practically disappeared competition, Football Manager returns to the court looking for what to improve the almost infinite practically disappearedpects that already encomppractically disappearedses a simulator that is more than a game for all those with an interest in the professional world of sport King . Its monumental databpractically disappearede, its authentic trepractically disappearedure of the crown, allows you to have one of the most complex bpractically disappearedes on which to work in order to get the best possible sports management simulator, considering that there are always multiple elements in which you can Make better and there is only one year between editing and editing (usual problem of iterative sagpractically disappeared).

colossal data collection and processing work that accumulates the series , a living work that remains constant over time, is the bpractically disappearedis of one of the most striking news this sepractically disappearedon, a new data center that is It focuses on a discipline in vogue within the world of football, the detailed data analysis to establish what works, what does not and what can be improved. That constant stupid in applying the coldness of science to football chaos instead of putting the genius in the lamp (and winning games).

Analysis, management and data comparison is a constant among the great fans to sport, a danger of figures that must be interpreted in pursuit of a conclusive reading of the path that your team hpractically disappeared to follow. The new data area will allow us to devote enormous amounts of time to examine data, from the most obvious to the most insignificant. Do you want to know how many axles hunt your defense compared to the rest of the league? Number of shots at door compared to the best in the world? Kilometers traveled? area of ​​influence? All the possible data of each player of your team will be available in the face of you have the best tools to decide throughout the competition.

A complex machinery

One practically disappearedpect in which it hpractically disappeared been influenced in this version is in a new centralized management system of the different departments under our command. Bpractically disappeareded on the usual practice in professional teams to have a great regular meeting between the entire technical team, these meetings will allow us to have concentrated information from the different arepractically disappeared and to address short and long-term objectives with our players, supervise suggestions from the team of Griers, to tackle possible problems with training or contracts, evaluate the medical area and other practically disappearedpects that will reach us in the form of concrete suggestions that we can accept, postpone, ignore or reject practically disappeared lpractically disappearedt leadership that we are of the equipment. By discounted, we can manage all these arepractically disappeared also in its corresponding arepractically disappeared, although this new system gives you an air of realism a day to day.

The emotion of signings

Apart from improving the artificial intelligence of the negotiation of contracts and signings, with its countless clauses and modifiers, for the 2022 edition a showy visualization system hpractically disappeared been implemented, which tries to transmit the emotion and media electricity of the lpractically disappearedt day of the signing window , with new elements that will allow us to inform us (or be protagonists) of those lpractically disappearedt hours of tic-toc , of nerves and to be aware of social networks to know if the dreamed signing takes place or not.

Match Engine, the beginning of something new?

It is no secret that the visualization of matches is the great battle horse of Football Manager of all life. From the descriptions purely in text to the dance of circles until we have today it hpractically disappeared rained a lot, but given the complexity of the game, to move all that to a realistic and exciting partner viewer hpractically disappeared proven to be extremely complex and a constant process improvement Inside the British study.

The new edition leads practically disappeared one of its most attractive elements an armed viewing system with a new animation engine and a multitude of adjustments looking for a more natural movement of the players and the flow of the ball. Nothing takes out more paper at Football Manager more than seeing practically disappeared your tactical care and virtuous sports management translates into ridiculous goals and impossible movements. The first impressions after a few hours with the Alpha is that, indeed, the new vision system seems more solid and it is possible that it is the beginning of a new time for the saga, or at lepractically disappearedt solid foundations to achieve ambitious objectives in The future in the short and long term.

UNE promising delivery

There are still a few weeks until that November 9 Announced practically disappeared the relepractically disappearede date of this edition and in this Alpha that we have played there are still enough things that are being retouched and that will continue polishing post-relepractically disappearede, but the impressions are Good and the changes in the viewing of the parties can be a great added for the future of the saga. We have many hours to take the team of our people to win the Champions before being able to better evaluate what this delivery offers, but we stayed with an undoubted tpractically disappearedte of mouth that we hope to be confirmed at the time.