Open World New Year “Hikaga” will take money. The new patch of “Elden Ring” feels good. Play the trial version of “LoopMancer”. Gaming this week

Now Gaming is a corner to write a loose game every Sunday, each writer played in that week. It is 333th. 333.

# Cyberpunk Time Loop Detective

Take a trial version of “LoopMancer” this week. A 2.5D action game with a Rogue Like element, which is a cyberpunk Chinese-style city. It is characteristic that the main character’s time loop experience is combined to repeat the retry that can be said in this genre. The detective of the protagonist is to put yourself in the battle in chasing a certain case, but when you die, the time rewind and the flow of the same case is to be contracted. However, the previous memory remains and can be permanently upgraded by the progress of the survey.

Stage is a three-dimensional structure with search elements and puzzle elements. While defeating the enemies that appear, we will continue to strengthen the area. Battle is a high-paced development that makes full use of close attacks, guns and skills. This work is grapper, and the rich world viewing expression is a highlight, but it is bothered by the situation in the battle somewhat. However, a variety of attacks and exhilarating actions enhance the expectations for the product version.
by. Taijiro Yamanaka

# Wrinkling of frost with frost

Although “Elden Ring” was down to 1.02 for RTA, the balance adjustment of 1.04 was a significant amount, so I updated and play normally. I’m glad that the prayer was revised overall overall. If it is not a sloppy and night and night and night and flame swords, it is fun for the first time in a long time, and it feels free to play freely. Even if you play a new character new build, it is a heavy game as it is also as a heavy game, so the remembrance all recovery clear is a salt plume that you can enjoy well in casual play.

From next week, I think that it will be implemented with “FF14” and it will be cleaned up for a while, so I think I’m going to do something like “Elden Ring”. It is a PVP that has a rumor that struggles to match the matching, but I also feel that the field is too large. It has been left behind from the interpersonal meta, but it is also a place of the Seoul Series’s PVP’s best to kill it. It is likely to be rambling with a seat for build a while.
by. Mizuki Kashiwagi

# CBT SNS share seems to be OK

I was playing CBT of “TOWER OF FANTASY (Phantom Tower)”. China Basic Play Free Open World Game. The amount of content such as stories and search is a number of content, and a mechanism to maneuver with weapons and avatars. It is a game of the so-called “Kawagami” format. It is such a work, but it seems to be muddy. Visual from animation to effect, luxurious luxurious by UI. It is not possible to take care of money, including the voice actors and luxuriousness. In the search side, there are various things in the field, and it feels like an experience value enters by picking up. The battlefield is a combo battle, with skills and weapon switching. The avoidance reward is large or the air combos is also enhanced, and the elements of popular works are incorporated into one.

On the other hand, it is also a work that makes the success of the “Harami God” quite. The character can be done or the story is heavy or multiplayer (especially PVP, especially PVP), or there are many production elements, and there are many points unique to this work. However, I think it is a game with a “Yorami” that takes a mess. “Harami” also talked about the game that made various works from the time of the announcement, but it is interesting that the work chasing the “Kawagami” came out. “Phantom Tachi” was quite polite, and personally, I put it in the game more than the “Kawagami” in the early release. “Harami God” is a good idea to eat in popularity.
by. ayuo kawase