A special effects style giant brawl with a monster and a hero is finally here -freshly harvested! Todays STEAM Featured Game 8 Selection [August 8, 2022]

Steam has many new titles every day. Many people want to check new works with high attention, but they can’t follow the release flow?

Therefore, the GAMESpark editorial department is within 3 days after early access and official release The number of reviews has exceeded 100 (regardless of popularity or unpopular) *. Introducing a new title! Check out what titles are attracting attention in Steam now.

Boneraiser Minions

This work is an auto battle rogue light developed in a Gothic horror world view. The player becomes a notorious bone riser, gathers skeletons and daemon troops and fights with the braves. Using the bones and souls obtained by defeating the brave, create a powerful undead minion and upgrade by collecting powerful spells and relics. Ultimately, we aim to defeat the defeated army led by King Gigard. There are multiple game modes, Endless Skirmishes, which competes in the story mode that protects your mausoleum from the army of King Gigard, as well as how much you can hold on the increasingly increasing enemies. Clashful Cards, etc. exist.


President Real Estate

In this work, which is a real estate business simulation game on the theme of the city, the player is the president of the real estate company as the president of the real estate company, competing for auction, bidding, acquisition, etc., constructing a residence, constructing a residence, and in conjunction with the request of citizens. Providing facilities. Ultimately, we aim to develop a huge company that monopolizes the market of the whole city. In addition to imitating the rules of the real estate industry, it seems that various random events are prepared, such as building design, design, land prices fluctuations, cities greening, and natural disasters.

Track & Burn (early access graduation)

This work is a stylish basic play free racing game that combines classic race experiences and original courses in the 70’s. It has the spiritual successor of the title such as DRIVER and TrackMania, and a mussel car that drives at a real speed without boost or mini map, a building that can create your own original course by combining various parts. I have a mode. Also, with paid add-ons, you can get a premium customization option that can be applied to the machine, but of course these do not have an advantage in the game, not Pay Towin.

Hamani 喵 喵

This work is a metroidovania with a cute cat girl Nyarur, a cute cat girl living in a small town. One day, Nyaruru will go on a journey to find out her truth, as all of her town residents will have cats and tails like themselves. In the game where she can enjoy a fierce battle, she can buy items with cat coins to strengthen her confidence and use boss battles and maps. We aim to capture bosses using appropriate abilities and accessories and skills to capture bosses, but if you change the difficulty of three types, you can clear it even if you have poor items and abilities.

Recipe for Disaster

This work is a restaurant operation simulation that started early access in November 2021. At the time of writing articles after 9 months early access period, all reviews are very popular. This work is built with a restaurant with a construction tool, organizing a team from various human resources, and operating a restaurant, but the customer’s preference and requests are various and must be responded well. It is also necessary to deal with incidents such as fire. Furthermore, this work has a recipe editor, and you can also provide original dishes with your favorite ingredients and cooking methods.

Lost Light

Lost Light, which is also compatible with crossplay on mobile and PC, is a third-person action shooting aimed at escape from a closed field as a member of the special unit in the near future. Like ESCAPE from Tarkov, it adopts a system that loses all of the equipment obtained during the play if an escape fails, and the part of the team parties and cooperating and helping each other is similar. I am. Of course, detailed customization, such as scope and grip, is also possible.

Hard West 2

This work is a strategy game in which the infamous disclosure Gin Carter combines the occult element and the western drama in which he fights the devil and the Andet with his friends using guns and magic. Witches, murderers, mysterious old outlaws, etc. have appeared as his friends, aiming to capture the gold nuggets loaded on the legendary ghost trains. If you defeat the enemy in a row, you will enter the BRAVADO mode, and the action points will accumulate, and you will be able to produce more aggressive and brutal kills. The unique party can be equipped with guns, explosives, accessories, whiskeys, etc., and can also make a powerful attack by combining members’ abilities.


This work, which is a competitive action game where huge monsters and heroes confront, are like a combination of games such as Power Stone, Super Smash Brothers SPECIAL, and Monster Great Battle WAR OF THE MONSTERS. So you can create a powerful monster battle with your own hands. There are 10 types of characters, including old beast Titan, transformation heroes, and huge robots. Each character has a good distance and way of fighting, and strategy and technique are very important works while operating easily. Up to 4 people can participate, and various modes such as deathmatch and tag battle are also available.

FIFA23 Trailer Movie Public -Announced to support inter -platform cross -play

EA SPORTS has released the trailer movie of the latest work FIFA23 .

At the same time, the FIFA23 official website is open. It also mentions cross-play, and in the previous work FIFA22, it only supported matching in the same model, but FIFA23 announced the realization of crossplay beyond models. Cross play can be turned on and off, and cross-play is possible on the same generation model, such as PS5 and XboxSeriesx | S, but as before, it is a mechanism that does not match on models with different generations, such as PS4 and PS5. increase. For more information, please see the notice of crossplay on the official website.

The trailer movie also introduces new elements of FIFA23, such as the animation technology Hypermotion2, and the game content is also waiting for a follow-up report.

FIFA23 will be released on PC/PS5/PS4/XboxSeriesx | S/Xboxone/STADIA on September 30, 2022. The Ultimate Edition comes with a three-day pre-access right.

The information released by the previous time is as follows.

The last FIFA announced FIFA23! The package of the Ultimate Edition, which is the first men and women appointed, is also released

Candy crush soda saga

Blacksmith Sim Anvil Saga -Not faithful to history, but passion for history triggered the development of this work [Developer Interview]

This project interviews the developers of new indie games that interest you. This time, we will deliver a mini-interview to the developer of the blacksmith simulation Anvil Saga , which was developed by Pirozhok Studio and started early access for PC on June 21st.

This work is a simulation game that runs a blacksmith in the Hundred Years War. As a blacksmith, players will respond to the needs of all customers, from bandits to merchants, priests, and soldiers, while expanding the blacksmith by managing workers and improving facilities and tools. It also features that every player’s decision influences the story and gameplay. Japanese is not supported at the time of writing the article.

Anvil Saga is available for early access for 1,420 yen.

――First of all, please introduce yourself. What is your favorite game? **

Daniil Zevakin (Daniil) This is Daniel Zevakin, the publishing producer of this work. He was also a creative producer and game designer. Regarding my favorite game, when it comes to genres, I’m omnivorous and I don’t want to group games in the favorite frame. I love Capcom, which makes stylish games, I love the creativity of Nintendo’s game system, and of course I love Rockstar in terms of scale, detail, and cinematicity.

Timur Shakirov (Timur) Timur Shakirov, the leader of Pirozhok Studio. He is 22 years old and has been playing strategy and simulation games for a long time, as far as he can remember. He can’t choose one of his favorite games, but he has a few that he loves. Warcraft III, Civilization series, Total War series, Factorio, Prison Architect.

――Why did the development of this work start? **

Timur I’ve always liked history games, but I’ve never seen one about the Hundred Years War. Suddenly one day, I came up with the concept of a blacksmith simulator and thought it would be interesting to set the stage in the Hundred Years War.

――Please tell us the features of this work. **

Daniil The most interesting thing about this game is that it combines the randomness of gameplay with a simple yet effective story. Thanks to that, you can have a unique experience every time you play. I also like the fact that it depicts the gloomy medieval era in a cute and colorful art style!

Timur players must always balance factions such as England, France, bandits and more. Churches and witches will also appear. Players need to carefully choose their ally factions, but in random events enemy factions can occupy your village. Every choice is important. It’s okay to be on your side with your favorite faction, but be careful!

――What kind of person do you want this work to be played by? **

Daniil To be honest, when making a game as a product, I don’t assume a specific target. My goal is to make it fun to play, and I always give a GO sign, even if I try to add something strange to the genre or the players. So my answer is I’ll do my best to make everyone enjoy it!

Timur I hope that as many people as possible can play this game. I think it’s a dream for any developer to have many people enjoy their work.

――How long do you plan for early access? What kind of elements will be added in the future? **

Daniil Our plan for the content of this work is to publish a roadmap on the Steam page. We aim to complete it in the next 5 to 8 months.

――Please tell us your impressions of releasing it as Early Access. **

Personally, as a Daniil producer, I don’t like early access. There is resistance to putting it out in public before it becomes the best thing. But on the contrary, I think it’s good to get direct feedback from the community. It tells us that we are moving in the right direction, and sometimes we need to rethink. It’s so cool!

Timur So far, I’m completely successful. There was a save bug and it took a while to launch, but the players really understand us and help us. We’ve cleared most of the bugs in a week, 10 days after launch at the time of the interview, with 350 reviews and 80% positive ratings!

Early access went smoother than I had imagined, but there’s still a lot to do. Big updates are coming soon, so I don’t have time to rest.

――Are there any works that influenced this work? **

As I mentioned on Timur, I’ve always been interested in history. He plays historical games and often reads books on medieval battles and the manufacture of armor and weapons. This work is not true to history, but my passion for history is what triggered the development of this work.

――Are there any plans to support Japanese for this work? **

Daniil It’s just a word about how interested the Japanese community is. Voluntary translations are accepted, and we are also looking forward to hearing from individual translators for this work and other titles. Please email us here.

――Did the new coronavirus have any impact on development? **

The new Timur Corona had no impact on development. Everyone on the team is working remotely.

――Is it okay to distribute and monetize this work? **

Daniil Of course! We welcome any content that uses this work.

――Please give a final message to Japanese readers. **

Daniil I hope you’ve already enjoyed this game, and I’m very happy if you play it in the future! Thank you for reading this interview. Keep an eye out for Game * Spark as we’ll continue to post cool game interviews!

PS: Personally, I wish I could visit the wonderful country you live in next year!

Timur Thank you for your interest in our project and for reading this interview. Please look forward to Arthur’s success until the end!

–thank you very much. **

Random: this work of art Elden Ring realized in dreams is simply beautiful

Here is your semi-regular reminder that Dreams is amazing. The Make-Anything Creation Suite really has very powerful tools, and you can create really breathtaking things if you know what you are doing. Example: This fantastic fan for Elden Ring.

The creation in the video above is the work of Martin Nebelong, a 3D artist who is at the origin of some of the most impressive work visually of Dreams. Using the game (operating in retrocompatibility on PlayStation 5), Nebelong built the work above in about five hours, creating original assets and creating the right atmosphere in this time. It does not seem that he has published this publicly work in Dreams, but it’s still very impressive; It really captures the look and atmosphere of the last FromSoftware.

Why Elden Ring's Success Makes Ubisoft Devs Mad

What do you think of this work of Art Dreams? Does something else have recently seduced you into the Molecule Media Game? Share in the comments section below.

Control National ADV sequel “Beholder 3” to March 4th. Citizens and colleagues also monitor

AlaWar Entertainment announced on February 10 to release “ Beholder 3 ” on March 3, March 3rd. According to the description of the store page etc., it is expected to be released on March 4th, the next March 4. The corresponding platform is PC (steam / gg.com).

Live: Day 4 Of Donald Trump's Impeachment Trial In The Senate | NBC News
“Beholder 3” is a dark surveillance society / adventure game, which is the stage of the near-future control nation. In the first work “Beholder”, surveillance attraction for residents of the apartment was the subject. The following section “Beholder 2” drawn a story on a system that uses colleagues who work under the government. And in this “Beholder 3”, it seems that a double surveillance duration life is waiting for the apartment and the ministries.

The main character of this work is his wife and a man Frank Schwarz. He is fucked in some trap and just lost his public office, and it becomes a sober who makes the apartment manager as a government’s spy as a government spy. The player should look at the lives of the residents of the apartment, and sneaks into the room, and you have to pinch the violations such as property possession. Also, it seems that there is also a discretion as a manager.

Apartment Manager A part of life and a position at the ministries must also be secured. The behavior of his colleagues and the boss also monitors firmly, and the power game of political factions is used to solidify the scaffold. Do you want to sell colleagues and people, shake the flag of Propaganda and share peace or fight for transformation and truth? In order to return to life with his wife children, what choices are left to play.

It is Paintbucket Games, a German developer, responsible for the development of “Beholder 3”. Russian Studio Warm Lamp Games was developed for the past two works. The third work was new. Paintbucket Games has been working on the simulation game “Through the Darkest of Times” in the past. This is a work of a heavy atmosphere, depicting the resistant struggle in Germany under Nazi’s control. Evaluation in STeam is also solid, and 524 user reviews have been received at present, 87% of which are a favorable “very popular” status. The same work and “Beholder 3” have a large number of themes theme, and how the studio’s skills are shaking?

“Beholder 3” will be released on March 4, March 4th, PC (steam / gg.com).

Alien Report Cooperative Shooter “The Anacrusis” Cumulative Player Total Player Subscribed. In Steam, the offer to the Xbox / PC Game Pass is successful

Developer’s Stray Bombay announced on January 29 that the number of accumulated players has breached over 200,000 for FPS “The Anacrusis” currently under early access. This work has been released on the 14th of January this year to PC (Steam / Microsoft Store) / XBox One / Xbox Series X | S. It will be achieved about 2 weeks.

“The Anacrusis” is an FPS that supports cooperative play with up to four people. The stage is the huge spacecraft in the distant future. When I was stuck in some accident, it is attacked by a large group of aliens, and four survivors will stand up. A variety of guns appear in the weapon, and skills such as throwing enemy movement or stretching a bubble shield that does not attach an enemy. You can get it in progress.

Also, with the system called AI Driver, various game elements such as placement of weapons and various items, enemy spawns, and boss behavior are characterized in that they are adjusted according to the player’s skill level. Development source Stray Bombay, formerly in Valve, CHET Faliszek, who has been engaged in “LEFT 4 DEAD”, is a joint establishment, and it seems to be an impacted element from the AI ​​Director of the same work.

On the other hand, a retrofooter’s view of the world is a unique atmosphere of this work. This work is operated by the season system, and the character and the recording episode will follow the mystery of the alien attack.

As was this announcement, this work has surpassed 200,000 players in about 2 weeks from the start of distribution. Although it is a fairly large number, looking at the number of simultaneous connection players of the Steam version, about 270 people immediately after the launch, gradually decreased, and after that, it has been a long two digit ( Steamdb). Although it is the number of people who play at the same timing at the same time, it is not visible to meet the number of cumulative players.

In fact, this work is also provided to Subscription Service Xbox / PC Game Pass, and it is likely to be able to guess that there are quite a few users who are playing here. Developer also recognizes this point, and this kind of bias is about to be expected from the beginning. In addition, since this work is compatible with cross play, it is also mentioned that such bias does not affect the game experience, even if it plays on a platform.

Frankly, this work is not so exciting in Steam, but such titles are interesting to collect these players by Xbox / PC Game Pass. Users who usually play with Steam may also have a game in PC Game Pass. Going forward, it is likely to be asked to connect the players touching this work with the service etc. and also earn a new player.

About this work The developer is guided to be a plan to officially release in the fourth quarter of the fourth quarter of this year, with early access delivery of early access delivery. During this time, adding episodes and game modes, as well as improvements such as AI DRIVER, Weekly Challenge, UI.

Also, in this announcement, we have confirmed a number of problems by early access delivery, and show the idea of ​​correcting it as needed. During this week, patches for console versions will be delivered. It is said that 4K resolution play at Xbox Series X will also include the content that will be smoother. Also, if you are positive or negative, you are welcoming all feedback, saying the policy to create this work with the community.

“The Anacrusis” is early access delivery for PC (Steam / Microsoft Store) / Xbox One / Xbox Series X | S. It is also provided to the Xbox / PC Game Pass. By the way, this work does not support Japanese at the moment, but according to Famitsu’s editor Mill ☆ Mr. Yoshimura, it is up to the echoal access delivery during early access delivery.

Open World Monster Development Game “Palworld” Continue News & New Video Released. Adopt UE4 and power up graphics

Pocket pair releases the following report of Palworld on January 21. A new video was released together. You can check the graphic evolved since the announcement and the detailed information of the game.

Palworld is an open world Survival Craft Monster Development Game. The corresponding platform is PC (Steam). In this work, mysterious creature pal appears. They are different from each other, and from pulses like sheep and cows, pulses such as dragon and wolf pulses exist. It is possible to collect and grow up such pulses or fight or work. Will a poacher who lives with pal or forced labor, or a poacher who trades pal maliciously? How to live the world depends on the player. It also corresponds to up to 8 multiplayers.

What you can do with pal is a wide range. By riding on a large pal, it is possible to freely move land, sea, sky, etc. Pal will help even in life. Put on fire, power generation, and mines. Will make a stable life by utilizing the characteristics of each pulle. In this work, construction is also possible, and pulses can be used for such architects. In addition, the labor method does not apply to the pal.

As production elements, agricultural elements are also present. If you leave it to a pulse that uses sowing, watering, harvesting, etc., you will be able to create an attractive farm. There is also a pulse that increases by planting. Industrial and automation is also possible. If you place the factory, you can also automate (?) If you place a pal. However, the pal working at the factory is somewhere.

And pal can also fight. It is also possible to infiltrate both dungeons. In multiplayer, pulses and trade are also possible. Pal should also breed, and when breeding, it leads to parent characteristics. It would be nice to create a rare species. On the other hand, there is also a poach of pulses in this work. It is something that puts the endangered species of endangered species inhibitors. By secretly invading and caught, it is said that you can get one thousand gold. However, good stories are worthwhile.

Palworld was announced last June last year. The chaotic publishing trailer calls not only domestically but also overseas, and it is said that the video has been reproduced by 20 million times in 3 days of announcement. Based on the attention, UNREAL Engine 4 is adopted to further power up graphics. Previous visuals were reminiscent of the past work Craft Peer in the pocket pair, but the engine renewal is the impression that the attractiveness is born.

In this video, newly captured or captured pulses. A scene that combines a rocket with the pal and gets on a huge whale-like pal and searching for a aerial cities. A scene that fights pals in the arena. And both grand and darkness will be glimpers, such as scenes that draw pulses captured by the poach.

Palworld is scheduled to be delivered early in STeam within 2022.

※ The English Version of this Article is Available Here

Remedy New employees for Swedish studio wanted

THE Nordic GmbH (until 2016 Nordic Games GmbH) is an Austrian video game Publisher based in Vienna. The business belongs to the Swedish Embrace Group, which was called by 2019 THE Nordic, and arose from the purchase of the insolvent author WOOD.

Remedy Entertainment has introduced a hybrid working model in the last 12 months. Several senior game developers based in Sweden have joined the studio and now work completely out of the second-largest Nordic country.

How Remedy has announced in the Q3 Business Update, Studio 2022 will officially expand to Sweden and open a branch. Developers on senior levels based in Sweden can connect to develop gene-redefining games in their homeland.

Sweden has long been strongly represented at Remedy. For more than a year, several valleys based in Sweden work for the company as part of a pilot initiative in Stockholm, which is headed by the General Manager of our Vanguard project, Johnny Many.

The change in location-independent work in the course of COVID-19 made us clear that Remedy is a mental attitude and not a place in Finland, says many.

Remedy plans to stop until the end of 2022 up to 25 developers in Sweden. In addition, it is planned to open a workroom in the center of Stockholm in the first half of 2022, where the Remedy employees based in Sweden can meet and work in an office, as personal communication is also important in the hybrid model.


We understand that every person is different and has different needs on different days. On some days it is best, focused and working with headphones on a cool thing, while on other days, z. B. When teams work on the planning, maybe a personal meeting would be beneficial. The hybrid model is about giving people the opportunity to choose the method that works best for them on a given day, adds James Salt, Game Director in Sweden.