Latteine and Lohmann fall for international matches

In terms of World Cup qualification, it looks very good for the DFB women.
After six games, the German team stands with the top yield of 18 points in 1st place 1 of the World Cup qualification group H.
The lead to the second Portugal is five points.
Against that team, the team of Martina Voss-Tecklenburg is also on Saturday (16.10 clock in Bielefeld).
So it can be made a big step towards the end tournament.

#AsianQualifiers - Group B | Australia 0 - 2 Japan
On Tuesday, the 12th of April (4 pm), the guest performance is in Serbia.
The Federal Trainer must refrain from both games on the Munich Lohmann (positively tested on Covid-19) and Wolfsburg Latteine (muscular complaints).

Voss-Tecklenburg Nominated Ramona Petzelberger from Aston Villa and Chantal Hagel from the TSG 1899 Hoffenheim.

As Cristiano Ronaldo Steven Gerrard and all England brought a white lug

CR7 is often the focus – as well as in the quarter-finals of the World Cup 2006. But here it was not a gate, but a gesture that anchor toe.

There are players for whom there is one thing in football only: win. If one asks a Sergio Ramos, if one day he’d rather tell his grandchildren of his wins and trophies or the many friendships in his career, the answer should be clear. Everything is allowed in the war and love – and for some football is both together.

It is the World Cup Summer 2006, the time of the summer fairy tale in Germany, as a title hungry Portuguese apparently seems like this. Later, Cristiano Ronaldo has won almost everything, but in front of 16 years ago, a man in the field is in the field, which the surprising final defeat at the EM 2004 broke the heart against Greece in his own country. Ronaldo wants a title with Portugal – and he is ready to really give everything.

It should be his day, and it will be. In the Schalke Veltins-Arena Portugal England beats in penalties, CR7 transforms the decisive penalty. But if especially English fans talk about the Matchwinner Ronaldo, then they do not mean the last penalty. He has already taken care of for a preliminary decision for them.

World Cup 2006: Ronaldo demands place reference for Rooney

The Golden Generation of the English finishes the game only to tenth, just Ronaldos Team College Wayne Rooney flies in the 62nd minute from the square. The curious thing about: CR7 itself had almost pressed the referee to Rooney’s Foul at Ricardo Carvalho, to split the red card. The own United storm partners – a traitor?

All England is horrified – and then finally unless the cameras capture a small and yet great gesture: As Rooney leaves the place, winks Ronaldo of the Portuguese bank.

The one who looks at the account forecast scene in retrospect is Rooney himself. The two speak about it and also form a furious duo in the attack of the Red Devils in the next season. But not all English nationalists forgive the Portuguese his unbridled ambition. For example, Liverpool Legend Steven Gerrard is the trouble on the wink action still to be noted today.

“It’s a dark side that stained Ronaldos game,” writes today’s Premier League coach in his autobiography and refers to the recklessness, with which CR7 wanted to win. The role that the Portuguese has played at the location of Rooney was “a shame”. As if that had not been bad enough, Gerrard also makes clearly clear, where the pain is sitting at the lowest.

England vs. Portugal: Gerarrd still angry today over CR7

“What brought us England players really on the palm was Ronaldo’s wink towards his bank. It pressed out: ‘Job done!’ How could he do something of one of his United teammates? “,” Stevie G ‘wonders today. And also Rooney had a question after the final whistle in the team bus to the then Liverpool captain: “What do you think of this wink?”

He receives an answer from Gerrard, which is so drastically, that you can read the frustration of an entire country, whose golden generation has again missed a title: “Honestly, WAZZA: If we played against Spain and Xabi Alonso or Luis Garcia [Both then Gerrard’s teammates at Liverpool, Note d. Red.] Winked or even signals would have had to be thrown from the square – then I would never change a word with them again! ” Rumms.

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Ronaldo’s controversial action is worthwhile for Portugal only this evening, in the following semi-finals is over against France. But the English can not console this. The star-locked generation around Gerrard, Lampard, Beckham, Rooney, and some stars more will be able to bring a title to the motherland of football before it, in 2006, the chance may have been greatest. Cristiano Ronaldo will be in 2016 with Portugal European champion – a title win, from which he would rather tell his grandchildren than from friendships with players like Wayne Rooney.

FC Bayern | Hoeneß: Infantino

Bayern Munich v Tigres UANL | FIFA Club World Cup Qatar 2020 Final | Match Highlights

Uli Hoeneß, His Character Honorary President of FC Bayern, has the plans of FIFA President Gianni Infantino, the Football World Championship in the future, every two years, referred to as “a nonsense”. “The World Cup is the most important competition, so I watered this competition,” said Hoeneß at “ServusTV”. “We still have an em, a South America championship, etc. – when do you want to play the games? Gianni Infantino has to be aware that the year has only 365 days,” Hoeneß continued. Infantino plans to shorten the World Cup rhythm for a long time. In Europe and South America, the project encourages broad criticism.

Ski jumping violinist and iron estate fly on the podium

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Karl Geiger and Markus Eisenbichler continued the German Forests Series impressively in the ski jump World Cup. At the first career victory of the Slovenian Awaken Anise, the Geiger in the overall World Cup continued to land and the six-time world champion Eisenbichler on the ranks two and three.

That made a humor, I am happy. The second jump was my best of the entire weekend, Geiger said, on Saturday still fifth, in IDF. With 305 points, the ski flight world champion successfully defended its leadership in the overall World Cup in front of Aniseed (252), which was finally at the top of the podium after five second places.

Team College Eisenbichler (192), on Saturday also third parties, is now also in the overall standings in third place before You Kobayashi (180) and defending champion Favor Tegnér Garnered (160). The Japanese Kobayashi (Corona) and the Norwegian Garnered (in qualifying) went empty on Sunday.

Eisenbichler had reported on the Rukatunturi skill before the weekend, not exactly to radiate self-confidence. That changed quickly. With the leap on the podium I’m really happy, the shape shows slightly up, said Bayer. Four German podium sites in the first four jumps had last in 2013, cross-season, even with eight competitions in a row, a DSV Adler was on the podium.

The long injured Stephan Late (Willingen) convinced as ninth as well as Andreas Welling er (Upholding). The Olympic champion presented itself strongly improved and scored his first top ten result for three years as a tenth. And is a great competitor. He will give us a lot of fun, said national coach Stefan Forgather.

Karl Geiger 142,5m 2nd Place - Kuusamo 2021 Ski Jumping

Constantin Schmidt (Obrador) had to satisfy himself a day after his 22nd birthday. Pius Paste (Kieferfelden) missed, on the other hand, as well as the three-time Olympic champion Kamil Stock (Poland) the second passage.

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Geiger’s worst rivals in the fight for the yellow jersey were not at the start: Garnered failed for the second time in a row surprisingly already in the qualification. Kobayashi, who had still considered superior on Saturday on the Rukatunturi skill, was positively tested on Corona and has to quarantine for ten days.