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Transformers & WOWS: LEGENDS collaboration 3rd. I am Optimus Prime trailer is also released

On September 1st, Wargaming has launched the third Transformer collaboration in the basic play free online sea battle action game World of Warships: Legends . At the same time, trailers that introduce the male figure and collaboration items of the collaboration captain characters are also available.

World of Warships: Legends is an online match game that takes place on various ships. In the third collaboration with Transformers, which opened this time, past collaboration items and Captain Captain Captain Captain have revived. A camouflage for Legendary ships appears. Optimus Prime and Bumblebee’s Autobot warriors, and decepticons such as megatron and lamble appear in the game. In addition, the ship is dyed to the character specification. If you like Transformers, be sure to check them out with the above-mentioned trailer.

In addition, this work is also holding a Bushido campaign. If you clear all the milestones in this campaign, you will be able to obtain Musashi as the final reward. Musashi is a ship that does the best with the battleship Yamato. In addition, Musashi has been implemented in the PC version WORLD OF WARSHIPS and the mobile version of WORLD OF WARSHIPS BLITZ, but is difficult to obtain due to sales suspension. Despite its high popularity, it is now a premium battleship that can only be obtained on very limited opportunities. For the actual rampage of Musashi, a test play report is being released in our magazine. If you are interested in the impressions of WORLD OF WARSHIPS: LEGENDS and the actual touch of Musashi, you may want to read it.


WORLD OF WARSHIPS: LEGENDS is being distributed for PS4/PS5/Xbox One/Xbox Series X | S. The Transformers 3rd collaboration will end on October 3rd.

Is it worth playing Tower of Fantasy?

Since The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild returned the greatness of open world games at 2017 , many companies have wanted to recreate their success by making their own adaptation. And this is because people want to spend hours and hours exploring large land and fulfilling missions of almost all kinds.

The clearest example of wanting to exploit this type of gameplay is genshin impact , only that carrying the experience by a somewhat different path (that of a free to play with micro payments), since the story was unlocked with time. Under this scheme he also arrived in China, Tower of Fantasy , a release that opted to go much further.

And now that we have tried it recently, we want to give our impressions after a few hours under control.

How do we get to this land full of mystery?

The story of Tower of Fantasy puts us on the feet of a character that does not have a name as is, since we can choose his name as well as his genre. Well, at the beginning they question us if we want the avatar to be male or female, and based on the decision these two boys will take separate roads.

What we are in the beginning is that the chosen character is persecuted by a kind of infected dogs, which apparently want to end the protagonist as it gives. Thus we arrive at a battle with one of those dogs that triples the size of their companions, seriously injuring who we have chosen.

This leads to an obvious fainting, because a purple substance has been impregnated, shortly after being unconscious, we discover two characters: Shirli and Zeke. Brothers who have saved his life to Avatar, have even protected him in the strength of the Astra region, one of the lands within the world of Aida.

An immense map to explore

As mentioned above, Tower of Fantasy is a JRPG video game with an open world, which we must meet different types of missions. These may include orders that are intended to upload the experience of our character or simply continue with the main story that developers prepared.

Within the map, we will handle our respective avatar, which we can customize after a few minutes of advancing in the plot, we can modify your hair, face, body and more attributes. To that we can add that you can equip clothes, which is obtained when you meet missions or making your respective purchase.

The main character’s skills set is quite complete, since it has a double jump, you can run, move in all directions, scale to style Breath of the Wild , and of course, use some jets to stay floating a moment in the air; These are basic movements of all contemporary open world.

However, Tower of Fantasy adds some more things so that you can feel with your own identity, so the character can use more extra artifacts such as a power that can move cubes as puzzle.

Something that distinguished genshin impact of other games is the use different characters, and Tower of Fantasy was not going to stay out with this, because we can use an option called simulation. This will allow us to change the aspect of our avatar to a totally different one, with their respective skills, weapons and others.

I liked that the mechanics of changing characters are present here too, but the way to make the change is quite long, since a menu must be accessed and then activated when avatar. Hopefully this long process for these days is changed in some way, this could be done with an update in which we can use a shorcut.

Dungeons can lead to greatness

Now that we review the basics regarding how the open world of Tower of Fantasy is composed, it is time to move on to something that a current open world title should not miss. This is the exploration of sanctuaries or dungeons in the purest Zelda style: Breath of the Wild, but with challenges that Genshin Impact reminds above all.

In these places we must walk linearly to release it and obtain rewards, but not everything will be simple, since we will find different enemies that will obstruct us to entry. There are also simple puzzles that we must decipher to continue advancing, they are included from acting levers to moving blocks in different directions.

In addition, you have to make the use of jumps somewhat more practical, with cliffs that require fair movements such as jumps to somewhat distant platforms. It is worth commenting, that we cannot climb or use the propeller here to fall slowly, so using basic skills is necessary to survive.

Finishing the Dungoons will give us good rewards, with hidden chests that carry special materials to continue forging our weapons, as well as some others to create equipment and clothes. To this are added special crystals that can be exchanged for orbs that give us the right to a shot in the Gachapon.

The difficulty of the game was looking very simplistic to this the encounter with the Dungeon bosses, so I totally recommend entering these ruins to have a much greater challenge. There are also bosses in certain parts of the map, and as with those of Dungoons, they will be a great obstacle, unless you take a group of friends in the multiplayer online ending them within a few minutes.

In general, character controls and menus are quite comfortable, but there is a problem for those who use a control to play, because as the experience focuses a lot on the PC and mobiles, it will be necessary to use the mouse and keyboard from time to time To access certain options. Something that Genshin Impact has already perfected in its mapping.

Similarly, you can only use an Xbox command that is detected immediately by the operating system, so if you want to use PlayStation or Nintendo Switch, you must use some program that emulates Microsoft control.

just like playing an anime

The graphic part of Tower of Fantasy is one of the most striking aspects of the video game, as well as Genshin Impact, the characters designs are focused 100% in the anime style. Some feel somewhat generic, others with more personality, in the end it will be a matter of taste for players.

I must emphasize that here I detected a very punctual failure, because in the kinematics the main or secondary avatars do not present any kind of expressions on the faces. So it shows that developers did not give so much importance to those details, that is not novelty in the world of the Gacha and as a suggestion, they should work more.

As for the world, it is very well detailed, with a lot of vegetation, designs of interesting enemies where I can highlight the bosses that look like giant machines. Of course, some mountain textures do not convince at all, but there are not so many failures if you do not carefully look for each section of the land.

Of course, there are failures like the occasional Popping out of nowhere in terms of objects and enemies. Although this could be a little more technical issues. Well, if you have a moderately good PC team, it could run to decent graphics and at least 60 pictures per second, but they can be lowered or increased according to your budget.

may be the worthy opponent that Genshin Impact needs

In conclusion, Tower of Fantasy tries to do everything that other gender titles but putting their own style, even adding mechanics that are not found to differentiate themselves even more. This does not mean that it will be the fifth wonder as soon as it is available, but it is possible that users will gradually win.

It has a solid gameplay that many will like for its degree of simplicity, in addition, it carries with them many history and secondary missions so that the public is lost in the Great Map of Aida for a considerable amount of hours. Of course, for those not accustomed to gender, they could end up tired in a few minutes.

In general, Tower of Fantasy is betting on becoming the final open world game, something that has not achieved for now, but it shows that the effort that is behind. Let’s not forget that at some point it will be necessary to make micropagos yes or yes to avoid hours of Grinding when trying to unlock rewards.

Remember that next August 10 on PC and mobiles.

3 new MMORPGs introduce themselves and ESO brings a new growth

This week there were some technologies for MMORPG fans. New video games were presented as part of the replacement occasions for the E3. Furthermore, Elder Scrolls online obtained a new development as well as New World teased the brand-new spot.

The highlights of the week:

  • Starkeepers is a brand-new MMORPG with a Viking setting and also existed for the very first time on Friday evening.
  • With Battles of Prasia, a brand-new MMORPG shows up in the Lost Ark look, which almost just concentrates on PvP.
  • The NOTORIOUS business has actually announced a new high-fantasy MMORPG. This is applied by previous wow developers and money is available from Riot Games.
  • ESO has actually launched the new expansion of High Isle. At the beginning there was a banns as well as a much longer web server down. The new development gets appreciation mostly for the graphic.
  • What was the most pricey personality that was ever offered in an MMORPG genuine money? We disclose it:

The enjoyment of the week: Blizzard shuts his head office in Germany. Formally, it is stated that the functional organization is no longer beneficial here. Whatever becomes digital and global.

The discussion of the week: The conversations about Pay2win at Diablo Immortal do not tear off. The game is a financial success as well as there are also lots of voices that commend the new MMORPG from Snowstorm strongly. How do you see Diablo Immortal?

brand-new dungeons in New World, new PvP fields in Black Desert

This occurred with the big MMORPGs:

* ESO obtained two new friends with High Isle and we expose how to open them. The band Salatio Mortis was likewise created a songs video clip for the MMORPG. In an interview we asked the band about their love of gaming.
* WoW nerft at the same time, consisting of 3 hate mobs.
* Guild Wars 2 surprisingly exposed the dungeons from 2012 as well as therefore elevates wish for new dungeons.
* Gamer from Final Dream XIV is presently establishing an undesirable passion for Mom, an NPC that accompanies them from the beginning.
* Gold customers are currently extra punished in Lost Ark and can also collect a financial debt hill. We additionally took a more detailed check out the subject of crawlers.
* Black Desert has actually released an entirely new 3V3 PVP sector this week. The special thing: the equipment is standard for everyone as well as the hardcore mills lose their terrific advantage

This occurred with the small MMORPGs:

  • New World introduced the large July patch. A brand-new dungeon, the abolition of the dungeon orbs as well as numerous High quality of Life enhancements are planned. We also revised our animal Checklist to New World.
  • Critica is back. After the closure in January, a brand-new version was published, yet it is worse than the old one.
  • The VR-MMORPG Zenith brings a new patch on June 16. This brings new dungeons, missions, equipment skins and opponents in the video game world (by means of YouTube).
  • Archeage has presented the coming summertime patch in extra detail in a video clip (through YouTube).
  • Blade & Heart launched a brand-new dungeon and new incentives on June 8 (by means of Blade & Heart).
  • The Sandbox Mmorpg Wurm Online has actually brought further adjustments as well as new treasures (via Massivelyop).

What occurred to the MMORPGs in advancement ?

These were introduction of the news of this week from the world of MMORPGs. Inform me, what was your personal highlight of the week? Or may we also neglect something important? Please compose it in the comments right here at Meinmmo.

In addition, Elder Scrolls online received a brand-new growth as well as New World teased the new spot. * ESO has actually released the new expansion of High Island. The video game is a monetary success as well as there are likewise many voices that commend the brand-new MMORPG from Blizzard highly. * ESO got 2 new buddies with High Island as well as we reveal how to unlock them. * New World introduced the huge July patch.

  • Embers Adrift currently changes the beta examinations in such a means that the entire weekend break can be played through. The video game concentrates on PVE as well as totally gives with PvP.
  • We conducted an interview with the head of fractured as part of Discover Your Following Video Game. He talked about prepared improvements, the variety of beta testers as well as the release in winter months. We are additionally distributing beta-keys for fractured.

Street Fighter 6 Information enthüllt

It is a lot recognized to see the battling video game, which saw the light of day in 1987, seems to have arrived in 2022. Some amazing developments, such as even more entry-friendly control and also large brand-new modes, show an actual more growth of the genre standard.

With Street Fighter 6, publisher and programmer Capcom would love to start absolutely nothing much less than a new age for dealing with video games. With a short teaser trailer, more details regarding the game have actually now been disclosed.

New control system must aid novices

With the current part of the lasting collection, not only professionals and style fans should be attended to. Novices are additionally to be introduced to the video game. For this objective, Capcom has actually generated a new control technique that ought to make complicated crucial mixes a lot easier in the execution.

In the modern-day control types, players no much longer have to obtain precise circular motions with the analog stick, as normal, in order to perform unique maneuvers.

The brand-new control is intended for players who are immersed worldwide of Street Fighter for the initial time, or those who have actually not touched combating games for many years. This adjustment appears like a great action. This allows newbies to understand the complicated special movements as well as combinations of the personalities, which increases the access.

Metro City from the World Tour mode looks chic. Capcom

A press of a switch suffices to put a Hadoken or Shoryuken onto the flooring. Automatic combos are also simply feasible at the push of a button. For experts and long-standing fans, traditional control is still component of the party.

Huge World Tour mode promises a whole lot

While for Street Fighter 5 entertaining individual gamer components nearly entirely missing, this should now be made up for with World Tour. A novelty in the Street Fighter series.

Initially look, World Tour is highly reminiscent of Mycareer from the NBA 2K titles and also looks encouraging. Mycareer works according to a comparable principle as well as takes pleasure in excellent appeal in the NBA follower base.

Along with the typical fights, two brand-new settings should increase the fun in Street Fighter 6. These listen to the names Battle Hub and also World Tour. For the former, little information have actually been published, the description as the utmost area for gamers in order to find pleasant competitions, nevertheless, shows a comprehensive online setting.

In the first trailer you can see brief scenes where your very own figure runs around in the wonderfully modeled city, freely discovers them and also fights to eliminate characters. More information about the functionality and also volume of content have actually not yet been revealed.

Capcom has not yet disclosed any concrete information about the multiplayer and also preferred Street Fighter ESPORT.

a combination of old and also brand-new numbers

Street Fighter 6 will certainly be released for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X | s and the PC. As opposed to the predecessor, the combating video game will no much longer be Sony-exclusive. The video game year 2023 is to appear, and also a precise period has not yet been stated.

Newbies are also to be introduced to the game. In addition to the usual battles, 2 brand-new settings should expand the enjoyable in Street Fighter 6. Straight gameplay from the video game was shown for the first time on the Summer season Game Feast. In comparison to the precursor, the combating video game will certainly no much longer be Sony-exclusive. The video game year 2023 is to appear, as well as a precise duration has not yet been pointed out.

In this trailer, Guile was confirmed as a playable number, which has been an indispensable part of the series considering that Street Fighter 2 from 1991. Capcom is still covered with the personality group, unless the Americans were also offered by the veteran Ryu and Chun-Li. New characters sign up with Jamie as well as Luke.

Straight gameplay from the game was revealed for the initial time on the Summer Game Feast. The effect-charged activity fireworks can be seen, which is currently understood from the past offshoots. The scenes shown are rather impressive.

_ Weitere gaming informationand also everything from the world of eSport is offered on earlygame. .

New world

New World, merger fusion: change seems to bear fruit. But for how long ?

Presque sept mois après sa sortie, la popularité de New World semble s’être éteinte. Un nombre trop conséquent de serveurs, la plupart vides ou presque, a eu raison de beaucoup de joueurs, et les développeurs ont commencé à en fusionner certains il y a quelques mois pour raviver la flamme. Où en est New World après une énième fusion et un évènement autour de Pâques ?

69 996 vues

Acheter New World à partir de 39€ sur Amazon

La danse des serveurs

Depuis sa sortie en septembre 2021,New World a fait parler de lui à de nombreuses reprises, et pas toujours en bien. Après un lancement explosif recensant plus de 700 000 joueurs simultanés, et un pic de popularité en octobre s’élevant à pas moins de 900 000 joueurs connectés à un instant t, le MMORPG d’Amazon Game Studios est vite redescendu sur terre. Victimes de leur popularité, les serveurs du jeu n’étaient pas capables de gérer autant de joueurs d’un coup, résultant en des files d’attente interminables, similairement au lancement de Lost Ark ou de Final Fantasy XIV : Endwalker. Pour palier ce problème, les développeurs ont dû ouvrir de nouveaux serveurs, ce qui s’est malheureusement révélé futile après quelques semaines lorsque le nombre de joueurs a commencé à diminuer.

La chute démographique a été brutale, et New World est passé de plus de 900 000 joueurs simultanés à 145 000 en l’espace de deux mois, laissant derrière eux des serveurs sous-peuplés voire carrément déserts. La solution des développeurs a été de fusionner les serveurs vides avec les plus populaires pour non seulement permettre aux joueurs d’interagir davantage, mais aussi pour résoudre des problèmes liés aux PNJs, qui s’attaquaient aux villes abandonnées, empêchant les quelques joueurs encore présents de faire progresser leurs personnages. Depuis, la population en Aeternum continue de baisser, avec une moyenne de 20 000 joueurs ces dernières semaines. Le MMORPG d’Amazon a cependant réussi à attirer quelques nouvelles têtes grâce à l’ouverture de serveurs free-to-play le weekend dernier, et il semblerait qu’une nouvelle fusion des serveurs payants commence à porter ses fruits :

Vers un renouvellement de la playerbase ?

L’objectif majeur de cette nouvelle fusion était de maximiser la population sur un serveur plutôt que de voir les joueurs s’éparpiller sur des serveurs quasiment vides. De cette façon, ils pourraient trouver des coéquipiers pour les expéditions, et prendre part à des combats en PvP plus facilement. C’est dans cette optique qu’Amazon Game Studios a décidé de regrouper des serveurs clés dans le monde entier. Vous pourrez retrouver le détail de la fusion des serveurs d’Europe Centrale juste ici :

  • Asgard, Hadès, Hellheim, Fae et Caer Sidi font désormais partie de Abaton

MASSIVE server merges happening TOMORROW in New World, ALL remaining merges at once
* Styx, Antillia, Utgard et Learad ont fusionné avec Aaru
* Lyonesse a rejoint Nysa
* Bifrost, Niflheim, Bengodi et Kor appartiennent maintenant à Tir Na Nog
* Arcturus a fusionné avec Tartarus

Depuis cette opération, le nombre de serveurs francophones est passé de trois à deux (Nysa et Ship-Trap) et pas moins de six serveurs européens sont considérés comme plein. Avec cette fusion et le weekend de Pâques, les serveurs allemands Aaru et Evonium semblent avoir fait carton plein avec plus de 1600 connexions simultanées, et la communauté a l’air d’apprécier le changement. Les joueurs peuvent désormais trouver du soutien pour remplir leurs quêtes assez rapidement, et les guerres de faction ont repris leur cours, rendant l’atmosphère de New World beaucoup plus conviviale qu’elle ne l’a été ces derniers mois. Le seul point noir sur ce tableau est le manque de ressources, puisque les farmers ont tendance à se regrouper à des endroits clés pour faire le plein de matériaux, mais les développeurs devraient pouvoir remédier à ce problème dans un patch future.

Et vous, jouez-vous toujours à New World ? Si vous avez arrêté, comptez-vous refaire un tour en Aeternum maintenant que la population est plus dense ? Dites-nous tout dans les commentaires !

Acheter New World à partir de 39€ sur Amazon

Sommaire de la soluce de New World

This page contains affiliated links to some products that JV has selected for you. Each purchase you make by clicking on one of these links will not cost you more, but the e-merchant will return a commission. Learn more.


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The Early Access de Crossfire: Legion will start on May 24

The real-time strategy game of Prime Matter and Smilegate, CROSSFIRE: Legion will be available in advance access as early as May 24 2022 on Steam. It is possible to add it now in your wish list.

In the nearby future Apocalyptic, the world is at war. While the Black List and Global Risk factions compete in a perpetual war to dominate their ideology, a new faction named New Horizon makes its arrival on the battlefield. What to break the fragile balance that prevailed until then.

Crossfire: Legion - Official Reveal Trailer
In the campaign, you can embody the commander of one of the three factions of the game and lead your personalized army to victory over the battlefields of a world consuming world. Versus modes will also be available. And if it will of course lead your army to the front of the enemy, the management of your resources as well as the construction of a base will be essential. Many multiplayer modes should be offered in the game, putting your capacities of commander, strategist and tactician to severe test.

The anticipated access version will allow you to browse the first act of the campaign. You can also participate in co-op parts as well as two multiplayer modes. Finally, it will be possible to take part in the competition by confronting other players and perhaps, get the first place in the world ranking.


Crossfire characteristics: Legion

Latteine and Lohmann fall for international matches

In terms of World Cup qualification, it looks very good for the DFB women.
After six games, the German team stands with the top yield of 18 points in 1st place 1 of the World Cup qualification group H.
The lead to the second Portugal is five points.
Against that team, the team of Martina Voss-Tecklenburg is also on Saturday (16.10 clock in Bielefeld).
So it can be made a big step towards the end tournament.

#AsianQualifiers - Group B | Australia 0 - 2 Japan
On Tuesday, the 12th of April (4 pm), the guest performance is in Serbia.
The Federal Trainer must refrain from both games on the Munich Lohmann (positively tested on Covid-19) and Wolfsburg Latteine (muscular complaints).

Voss-Tecklenburg Nominated Ramona Petzelberger from Aston Villa and Chantal Hagel from the TSG 1899 Hoffenheim.

WoW: World First Race

What earlier years of closed doors takes place for years is for several years to the big event mutated : The Race To World First. When the top guilds of Wow open to tackle the new RAID on the highest level of difficulty, today hundreds of thousands switch on to Twitch to be live. But since Method had the first of the absolute top guilds decided to share the viewers at the race, has changed a lot. Much of simple streams have become tremendous events in which the local players are and hosts at commentators 24/7 keep up to date – right espport events.

But the current World First Race has to struggle with some problems that not only push the audience numbers down, but also taughture the fun of watching. And not only the WOW developers, but at least partly also the guilds themselves are to blame.

A perfect starting position

The signs for the current World First Race stood as good as long as long and everything was prepared for a spectacular event. The two top favorites Liquid and Echo were well prepared and also the guilds directly behind, such as SK Pieces or Method, had upgraded vigorously to make a major fight again.

In addition, the WOW players loch after many months of patch 9.1 according to new content and not only were to play themselves, but also to see the top players at the new bosses. Especially because patch 9.2, maybe apart from the story, was well received by players. The many changes that Blizzard had made in the course of the PTR due to player feedback, left a positive impression.

Above all, but that the final three bosses were not tested on the PTR , made a certain hype for the RWF. How would the guilds beat at bosses that they play for the first time – without they could prepare for extensively? How fast would you be able to adapt strategies and tactics and who would come to the corner with the great spiritual flashing? Spoiler: We will never know it – because the guilds are with these mythical bosses, they have already fought them several dozen times in heroic mode and weeks were pulled into the country .

The hype was here!

Due to this almost perfect starting position, the hype was also huge at the beginning of the race. Already in the first RAID ID in which the mythical mode remained still closed, thousands switched on and watched the top players in their steps through the mausoleum of the first and looked at the preparations and trying different tactics.

The good design of many bosses, which were still adapted by Blizzard in part in the last minute, also contributed to his part. The raiders had fun and that exaggerated on the spectators. One could have believed the Race To World First becomes a great success.

The mythical week starts…

… and no one goes! The first disillusionment already set in the first few days. Instead of breaking into the mythical version of the mausoleum, the guilds started with different split runs, a few mythical-plus dungeons here and there, a few arena struggles in between or even with the completion of the world quests.
Already at Skolex, the second boss of the mausoleum, the EU guilds had caught up – too, because the US guilds prefer to do split runs first. Source: Blizzard a run through the first few bosses, as we can experience it otherwise, there was only with a belonging time delay. To classify – Already at the second boss of the Raid, Skolex, was the European Guild Echo, which starts more than 12 hours later than the US guilds, in place 3. Most guilds did not really try how far they come before You look like other alternatives for better equipment – and that’s exactly what you have a lot of spectators for yawning boredom!

Always the same boss

Because already on the first day the so-called trade runs began. The top guilds invite so many “foreign” players as possible in their group, kill a boss and try to get as many good items as possible to get a single player. The group then consists for example from the warrior XY, 14 other raiders of the top guild and 15 so-called traders. These have no Loot ID on the boss, a sufficiently high itemlevel to act the important parts and are paid by the guilds for their services.

In practice, this turned down as follows: The top guilds played one and the same boss Zigmal in a piece, until all relevant players had their items and then moved to the next boss, which was also wrestled countless times in a piece. Partly in the streams of the top guilds, for days, nothing else was other than Trade Run here, Trade-run there – of course always with the call to the community: Help us and trades us your things!

World of Warcraft: Race to the World Firsts - Remastered 2004-2020
If self-professional Caster almost start crying because they need to comment on hours for hours of trade runs. Source: Twitch / Echo_esport How boring that is, you sometimes looked at the conversations of commentators. Actually, they should report to what’s going on. But drill the drunk in a row, which happens at Lihuvim just so, then himself was the professionals too much and so was talked about fish rolls in Hamburg, why Crocs are comfortable shoes for Caster and why you sit in front of the couch as on the couch. And not about only in between, but partly for hours. Even more tension and the viewers would have fallen with heart attacks from the chair.

Who is actually this cheater master?

The Chairman is irrelevant to the top guilds – he has no good loot in their luggage. Source: Blizzard Actually, the Chairman is the big end boss of Shadowlands. Nevertheless, do not touch him the top guilds. Instead, the bosses were now milled dozenfach. Some top players have almost two dozen kills on individual bosses – all trading runs to equip colleagues.

Anyone who wanted to see the fight against the outside boss of the mausoleum had to wait either long or watch “smaller” guilds with their tryses. But why did nobody touch Zovaal? The reason is as simple as annoying: The Chairman has no relevant lot. Continue on the next page!

Page 1 WOW: World First Race – boring like never, guilds are (partly) self guilt

Page 2 WOW: World First Race – Everything for the Itemlevel

Page 3 WOW: World First Race – The guilds play the game

Page 4Pictures Gallery to Wow: World First Race – boring like never, guilds are (partly) self guilt

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New world

The Last Cube: Smother puzzles bring heads in March to smoke

Brain Raise: Tricky Puzzle - Christmas DOP Game - All Levels 1-30
Improx Games tricky Puzzle Adventure The Last Cube is expected to be released on March 10 for PC, Switch, Xbox and PlayStation. In a series of surreal, otherworldly landscapes, it is up to you to discover the history of this eerie alien civilization.

It is an atmospherically dense puzzle, in which it comes to guide a dice through a variety of enigmatic, monolithic chambers and discover the story behind this strange world. Explore a wide range of brutalistic architecture, which extends from misty, nightmare fortifications over oppressive, lava-illuminated factories to developing natural landscapes, where golden sunbeams are glittering on the mountains.

Paired with an epic soundtrack, which reinforces the threatening mood, and an abstract story about a dying world on the threshold to Ruin, The Last Cube is an atmospheric, mysterious riddle game that makes you fully immerse yourself in his abandoned world.

The Last Cube has a unique sticker system that allows you to stamp certain skills on the pages of your cube, creating your new skills for this interface. Some allow you to flit out by obstacles, others create makeshift stairs and some give the ability to turn themselves on the spot to easily maneuver.

The positioning of the cube to get the desired stickers on the right surface can range from pleasingly simple to masochistic head scratches, while they are fighting through the over 100 puzzles of the Last Cube. New mechanisms are introduced in a rapid pace and quickly expand the possibilities of cube.

The combing of each chamber offers a solid challenge, but only the most dedicated players will discover all the collective objects and bonus sections of The Last Cube scattered throughout the adventure. Do you have the stuff to solve the puzzles left by your ancestors and save this strange world before the collapse?

“The Last Cube has since returned a long way since its beginnings in 2017 and has grown into a much more ambitious project when we could ever imagine,” says Max Samarin, Creative Director at Improx Games. “The final result is a rich puzzle experience whose gameplay is full of joyous AHA moments and surprises, settled in very diverse, colorful, eerie and mysterious environments of the Cube planet. We believe that both occasional and hardcore puzzle fans will be enthusiastic about the gradually evolving mechanics and the abundance of secrets, when The Last Cube is on the market on March 10. “

Lost Ark vor Release: Video

In the 5-minute video followers need to learn what they anticipate in Lost Ark whatever. From fighting, abilities, raids and PVP to sailing with the vast world of Armenia, the video clip supplies the most important info regarding the game. Hence, both fans and novices can get ready for the journey.

That claims the Publisher to the game:

Your Odyssey awaits you
Think of the incredibly enjoyable struggling in the RPG design and also construct your development in quests, raids and also fight in the MMO design. Whether you want to play alone, in groups with good friends or in combination with other adventurers in the world, it is awaiting a legendary adventure on you. Area you in the open world or enter chansons, dealing with in tough PVP battles, placing your powers in impressive missions, overflow small as well as big managers as well as proof in the fight against the demon street to the power and also light of the missing To claim ark.

Lost Ark Gameplay Introduction: Welcome to Arkesia
Specify your fight
Beginning your gameplay with an exciting collection and also game action and after that master your fight many thanks to the unique Tripod system. Turn three personalized courses complimentary for all your abilities to broaden your fighting style for effective control.

The exact same puts on other functions: While proceeding your journey, you will certainly locate civil abilities, crafts, guilds as well as social systems and also other abundant attributes that breathe the world’s life. Despite whether you simply want to dive with the game world or deep right into the information, the option is left to you alone.

Discover a world packed with adventure
Check out 7 varied as well as considerable continents as well as the intervening seas and also find vivid cultures, odd and also fantastic creatures along with all the unusual miracles. Immerse yourself in the keys of Armenia, evidence Your power in battles and also battles, occurs against other gamers in the PVP, traveling to far-off islands looking for hidden riches, area hordes of enemies and enormous managers outdoors world and more.

Provide yourself on an Odyssey after the lost ark in a vibrant and substantial world: Discover new nations, raise lost treasures and fight you having a hard time as well as action-packed battles. Place your fight design in the course or advanced class, guarantee your craft, tools and devices Separately and also put your abilities in the fight against fine dehorns, in impressive manager fights and versus dark forces at the mission for the power of the ark a room completely free in this action-packed RPG.

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In the 5-minute video clip followers need to learn what they anticipate in Lost Ark everything. From dealing with, skills, raids as well as PVP to sailing via the vast world of Armenia, the video clip supplies the most important information about the video game. Area you in the open world or get in chansons, fighting in difficult PVP battles, putting your powers in epic pursuits, overflow large and also tiny employers and proof in the fight versus the devil street to the power and also light of the missing out on To declare ark.

Transform 3 customizable classes totally free for all your skills to broaden your dealing with design for effective control.