Wow So Blizzard combats the boosting by magicians in Classic Fresh

Who has played extensively Wow Classic, certainly remembers the numerous magicians who have pushed a lot of gold with their boosting services . Especially in dungeons such as Maraudon and Zul Farrak, huge pulls were possible, thanks to which the offside-positioned twinks in the shortest possible time Level climbing.

This method may be efficient, but the Dungeon Boosting also made sure that in the open world hardly twinks were on the road to make quests or to connect an instance group from equal to . So we can definitely understand why Blizzard in Wow (Buy Now 14.99 €) Classic: Season of the Championship Dunitionon Boosting would like to stop.

In the last week DataMiner had already found indications for how Blizzard wants to fight the boosting. Now the first confirmed adjustments have landed on the beta server:

There are noticeably fewer experience points through killed monsters, when you are in a group with one or more characters that have a significantly higher level than the defeated monster.
In Stratholme and Maraudon, many opponents receive immunity to root and slowdown effects, 30 or 60 seconds after they were grilled.
In Maraudon, the opponents who are immune to root effects receive an increase in the movement zest by 50 percent.
Any type of control effect (apart from roots and slowdown) will refresh the immunity and the running pace buff in Maraudon and Stratholme.
The zombie trolls in Zul Farrak will now drop less valuable prey. Most Loot of Zombie Trolls was distributed to the other enemy types in the Dungeon.

According to the developers, these changes are only the first round in the fight against Bosting and Powerleveling . What do you think of these adjustments? Track us in the comments!

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