EA, a large contract with the Soccer Spanish League in the next work of FIFA. There is a report that a contract that pays about 4 billion yen per year

ELECTRONICS ARTS (EA) and Laliga of the Spanish professional soccer league have announced on August 2 that they have concluded a new partnership with the Soccer game EA SPORTS FC. It is a contract from the 2023-24 season to multiple years. The Spanish local newspaper Marca reported that the contract would pay La Liga a yearly € 30 million (about 4 billion yen).

EA SPORTS FC is a soccer game developed by EA since 2023. The company has signed a license agreement with the International Football Federation FIFA and has released the FIFA series since 1993. However, in May this year, the EA announced that it would not renew the contract with FIFA (related article). FIFA 23 scheduled to be released on September 30 this year will be the last work in the series, and will be changed to EA SPORTS FC next year.

In the EA SPORTS FC, professional leagues, teams, players, stadiums, etc. around the world, like the FIFA series, will appear based on license agreements. The EA has announced that it includes exclusive partnerships with the Premier League, Bundesliga, Serie A, MLS, and La Liga.

The new partnership between the EA and La Liga announced this time will further expand the conventional partnership. In addition to the naming rights for all the La Liga tournaments, the Le Liga logo and the EA SPORTS, the implementation of some new in-game elements, and the actual game. Includes highlight distribution. In addition, through improvement of accessibility and improvement of facilities, the game will grow and deliver a wonderful soccer experience to fans.


La La Liga’s executive director, La La Liga’s executive director, says that La Liga proves that she is a global brand, and says that how to enjoy soccer will change significantly around the world. 。 In addition, EA SPORTS FC’s senior vise President & General Manager Nick Wlodyka will contribute to improving visuals, technology and game development through partners, and the boundaries of reality and virtual in the world of soccer will be ambiguous. I’m commenting on.

EA also announced on July 26 this year that it has concluded a new partnership with Juventus FC of Serie A, Italy for multiple years. The club’s logo, uniforms, and home stadiums will appear exclusively in the FIFA 23 released this year and the subsequent games, that is, EA SPORTS FC. By the way, Konami, who develops the EFOOTBALL series, has announced the end of the contract with Juventus FC.

EA SPORTS FC will be released in the summer of 2023. The FIFA series, the final work of the FIFA series, will be released on September 30 this year for PC/PS4/PS5/Xbox One/Xbox Series X | S. For Nintendo Switch, FIFA 23 Legacy Edition, which introduces additional elements other than functional aspects, will be released on the same day.

Wholesale PlayStation games are turning into movies and series – here are all the projects in the works

PlayStation Productions is a production company founded by Sony Interactive Entertainment, which focuses on working on films and series from various PlayStation games.

The line of work started in 2019 seems to be bearing fruit, as the first movie has been seen ( Uncharted, which has been in limbo for a long time) and the first series will arrive for viewing next year ( The Last of Us ). And that’s not all, because a lot of other PlayStation games will also end up in the same treatment in the coming years.

Attached is a list of upcoming PlayStation Productions productions.

The Last of Us (series)

The closest to release is the series of the same name based on The Last of Us games. The epic coming to HBO will bring the apocalyptic world to life next year, although the exact date is not yet clear.

The main stars of the series, which has been seen many times in the news of our website, are Pedro Pascal ( Narcos, The Mandalorian ) as Joel and Bella Ramsey ( Game of Thrones ) as Ellie. Other roles include Gabriel Luna ( Terminator: Dark Fate ) as Tommy Miller and Nick Offerman ( Parks and Recreations ) as Bill. Ashley Johnson and Troy Baker, who acted as voice actors in the games themselves, are also involved in some sort of roles, about which there is no more detailed information yet.

Twisted Metal (series)

The Twisted Metal games, which serve car action and total destruction, will be made into a series for the Peacock service. The shooting of the series is going on for the best time.

Starring Anthony Mackie ( The Falcon and the Winter Soldier ) as John Doe, Stephanie Beatriz ( Brooklyn 99 ) as Quiet, Thomas Haden Church ( Sideways ) as Agent Stone and Richard Cabral ( American Crime ) Loud role. The iconic Sweet Tooth of the games features the wrestler Samoa Joe on screen, but the character is voiced by Will Arnett.

Gran Turismo (movie and maybe also series)

According to current information, a film based on the Gran Turismo car games is coming out in 2023, directed by Neill Blomkamp, who directed films such as District 9, Elysium and Chappie. The plot description says that the film focuses on a teenage Gran Turismo player who, after winning several Nissan competitions, ends up a racing car driver. The story is based on true events.

In addition, there have also been rumors about the series, but The Hollywood Reporter website has said that these rumors are not true. Time will tell.

Ghost of Tsushima (film)

The game, set in feudal Japan, is being made into a movie. The work is directed by Chad Stahelski, a former stuntman who has directed all the John Wick films so far. Sucker Punch-studio acts as the responsible producer, so the end result is possible to follow the events of the game. Takashi Doscher was announced earlier this year to be penning the script.

God of War (series)

Kratos’ adventures will eventually be available to watch in serial form on Amazon Prime Video. Much else concrete is not clear yet. So it is still unclear who will play the dark god and whether the story will take place in the landscapes of Greek or Norwegian fairy tales.

Horizon (series)

Based on the games Horizon: Zero Dawn and Horizon: Forbidden West, the Horizon 2074 series is in the works. The epic set in the time before the events of the games will eventually arrive on Netflix, but that’s where the information remains at this point.

Jak and Daxter (movie)

In February of this year, a movie based on the Jak and Daxter games was said to be in the works. There is not much information about the project, except that the project is led by Ruben Fleischer, who directed the Uncharted movie, with the help of Naughty Dog studio.


Uncharted (movie, maybe?)

The first film starring Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg was a financial hit, so it would be downright strange if there wasn’t a sequel. However, no official or even unofficial confirmation has yet been heard about Nathan Drake’s, Sully’s and partners’ new ventures.

The productions will hardly stop here. What other PlayStation game would make a movie?

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Netmarble, the 11th regular group,

[Eye News 24 Moon Young – Soo] “We will introduce a variety of new artifacts based on a block chain as a result of this year.”

Kwon Young-sik’s Netmarble representative was presented on the 11th, Seoul Guro-gu Taichura, in the 11th regular shareholders’ meeting of Netmarble this year’s vision.

“In 2021,” 2021 was a revenue, and the uncertainties of corporate management have been more difficult than ever. ” The industry has been limited, “he said,” he said, “he said,” he said, “has a limit to the speed of the development environment due to the change in the development environment due to long-term development of telecommuting.”

“We are continuing a lot of efforts in the mid- to long-term perspective to strengthen the fundamental competitiveness of the game business,” he said, “It has been devoted to the Diversification of the Game Platform, Explained.

Finally, the councing, “I have been in a large number of new technologies and research and development of related next generation technologies such as block chains and metabuses such as Netmarble. I said it “

Netmarble reported its main management earnings last year, including USD L2556.9 billion, operating profit of W151bn, and net profit of W15.1bn, and net profit of W12,49.2bn.

[ 4K ] Korea, Walking Around Guro Digital Complex Station, 구로디지털단지역 주변 산책

Netmarble said vision for shareholder value improvement. In 2018 and 2019, we practiced shareholder-friendly policies through purchasing large-scale treasures, followed by dividends of W62.8bn last year, and this year will be held on W43.3bn (528 won per share).

On the other hand, on the other hand, in the shareholders’ meeting, the Article 11 session of the 11th financial statement, the eligible for outside directors, a member of the Audit Committee, and the issue of the director’s repair limit approval,.

When is EA Play Live 2022? Replied

Each year, the game industry meets at some tighteous events to show some of the most recent and best games that will come in the future. While the current state of the world has required change to digital space, not all regular shows continue. EA PLAY LIVE 2022 is one of them, with the announcement that There will be no showcase this summer.

What happened with EA Play Live 2022

EA PLAY LIVE has been an annual event that began in 2016, but the omission of the iteration of 2022 will make the editor adopt a different approach.

“We love EA Play Live because it is our way of connecting with our players and sharing the news with all of you,” shared EA in a statement through IGN. “However, this year things do not line up to show you everything in a single appointment. We are happening exciting things in our world-class studies and this year we will reveal much more about these projects when it is the right time for each of them. We hope to spend time with you throughout the year! “

The exhibition event was always good for a couple of announcements of new games and updates for existing ones, and fans were able to participate in the physical event. After the two previous events of EA PLAY LIVE were relegated to live broadcasts, we will not have a version of 2022.

This follows the news that there will not be E3 this year, at least on the physical front. However, players still have to wait for Summer Games Fest, as well as the GameScom hybrid that will be both an event in person and online in August.

EA Play Canceled, YouTuber Relations Are Weird | Q & A | NP Live!
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Remedy takes stock over a year 2021 busy

Remedy Entertainment has published its results for the whole year 2021 and takes stock of its various projects in progress.

Remedy closed the year 2021 on positive results, marked by a turnover and rising profits. The studio first benefited from the launch of Control Ultimate Edition on PS5 and Xbox Series at the beginning of the year and then from the exit of Alan Wake Remastered In October, a clearance game entirely financed by EPIC Games in exchange for half of the recipes, but whose welcome seems to have been rather shy since the game has not yet been profitable.


This year has also allowed to see more clearly in the many projects of the Finnish studio. Strong time of the year, Alan Wake 2 has been officially announced for an exit in 2023, always at Epic Games Publishing that supports all production and marketing costs. The development of the game is currently undergoing its exit next year on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series and Epic Games Store.

Results of Remedy

Period Turnover Operational Profit Net profit
January 2020 – December 2020 41.0 million euros 13.2 million euros 10.3 million euros
January 2021 – December 2021 44.7 million euros 14.7 million euros 10.7 million euros

At the same time, Remedy signed with 505 games for a spin off multiplayer cooperative control (code name Condor ) and a smarger control game (code name HERON ) that are still in the preparatory phases for their production. Remedy also signed an agreement with Tencent for a house cooperative multiplayer game, code name Vanguard . Again, the project is in a so-called “proof of concept” phase and its development is still embryonic. So many projects that justify the creation of a new Studio based in Stockholm whose opening will take place this year.

“_In 2022, we will continue to invest in our staff and technology to support our game projects while going to the next steps of their development. Although these investments can have a short-term negative effect on profitability, they will allow large play launches between 2023 and 2025 and are essential to stimulate the growth of turnover and benefits in the future, “says Remedy, for whom the exercise 2022 should be more calm and focused on the development of its Four projects.

Guild wars 2

Filter the possible launch window for FALLEN ORDER 2

A few days ago, EA officially announced that they were already working in a sequel to _ Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order , but they did not say exactly when I could reach our hands. Fortunately, a reliable _insider has given more information about it and if everything goes well, this anticipated game would be reaching our hands this year.

According to Tom Henderson, that has previously been very atine with your information, FALLEN ORDER 2 should be officially announced on May 4 this year , and its launch would be between October and December 2022. Of course, this is not official information and its possible date of launch could change at any time, especially in these times of pandemic.


The first game was premiered in November 2019, so it certainly sounds like something feasible that his sequel arrives exactly three years later. At the moment, we will have to wait for more information to be filtered, or that EA or Respawn finally give official details.

Editor’s note: I would love to fail Order 2 Yes, it will be released this year, but I think it is much more likely to be retracted until the beginning of 2023. Beyond The Skywalker Saga, we do not know what other Star Wars games They could leave this year so there is definitely space for this title.

Warner CEO ensures that Hogwarts Legacy and Gotham Knights if they will come out in 2022

During the last weeks we have heard a series of rumors that point to the delay of Hogwarts Legacy and _ Gotham Knights _. However, these assumptions have been clarified, since Warner Bros. Ensures that these two titles will be available at some point of this year.

Through your official Twitter account, Jason Kilar, CEO of Warner Media, talked about the plans that your company has on door for 2022. Along with more productions for HBO Max, cinema and television, it was also reaffirmed that “a complete list Of very expected games “, in reference to _ Hogwarts Legacy_ and Gotham Knights, will be available this year. This was what he said:

“They have spent only a few years since we embarked on going directly to customers and globalizing. I am proud to report on behalf of the team that is working.

This mission, this strategy continues in the 22 with a sense of urgency: launch HBO Max in many more countries this quarter and the rest of the year, launch CNN + and offer a complete list of highly expected games. “

However, at the moment there is no launch date for any of these two titles, only the promise of reaching our hands at some point of the year. Let’s remember that, originally, these two games were available in 2021, but they were delayed until 2022. It is important to mention that in the images that Kiley shared does not appear The Suicide Squad, which is supposed to be available this year, although this does not mean that this title has been delayed.

On related topics, a filtration indicates that mom metal Combat 12 is close to being a reality.

Another Hint Hogwarts Legacy & Gotham Knights Are Releasing In 2022

Editor’s note:

Although it is good to hear that Hogwarts legacy and Gotham knights will be available this year, it is interesting that the suicide squad, which calls more attention than previously mentioned games, did not leave part of the images that shared the CEO, although this It could well be only a carelessness, and there is no need to be alarmed about it.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order 2 would be revealed before E3 2022

Editor’s Note: Honestly, I did I believe we were hosting likely to have news about this game prior to it ended 2021. I have no question that Respawn will handle to give us another fantastic game, and there disappears than waiting on Your eventual discovery. We cross the fingers to make sure that it remains in May this year.

Of 26 to 29 May The annual event of CELEBRITY Battles will be carried out, so certainly there is where we will see the revelation of Fallen Order 2, however do not anticipate it to visit receive this name. As a matter of fact, various other rumors suggested that this game was to be revealed throughout The Game Awards 2021, something that undoubtedly did not take place. We will see if on this celebration the reports transformed out to be true.

According to Jeff grub, reporter of games beat and also recognized market insider, the sequel to this video game will certainly be announced from May this year as well as there is also the opportunity that its launch is likewise In this 2022, yet Grubs thinks that it might be delayed till 2023.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order 2 Will Be Shown BEFORE E3 2022 - RUMOR
Since the 2020 the reports started that and respawn were already working in a follow-up to Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, however considering that after that we have not had any kind of sort of information regarding. It seems that could transform quickly given that a reliable expert suggests that this title would certainly be prior to E3 this year.

Developers of LOL have published a hit in 2019 – boss now promises new content for decades

The video game regard to the year, which is often utilized in English Game of the Year (Got), describes the most effective computer game launched for a year. There are numerous media granting it, but no event that links the term. A number of video games can carry the title the exact same year. This term is sometimes occupied by computer game themselves and not by an outdoors media. Some games have reissues, one year after the original launch, called modifying game of the year with all the consisted of LCS. There are no accurate rules on making use of the debate however the video games that apply it normally do loads of publications and media that have applied this distinction.

Team fight Tactics is the car Battler to League of Legends. The game was released in 2019 and enjoyed a lot of popularity at the end of 2021. The Lead Designer of TFT has leased in a video on the year 2021 and given interesting views for the future.

Where is TFT just? Team fight Tactics had to fight at the beginning of 2021 with a rather weak set 4 and later with a mediocre set 5. The mechanics were not good for many players and the coincidence played a way too much, even off the selection of champions.

This changed with the current set 6, which caused many positive reactions:

The set looks balanced and has a smaller focus on chance
The first promo tournament got good audience numbers despite low prize money
The set picked up the big Streamer William Carry Li and Jeremy Disguised Toast Wang
Generally, TFT was also able to grow on Twitch and crashed the brand of 140,000 simultaneous viewers for the first time in November 2021 since the release in July 2019 and that, though the World Cup 2021 took place in October (via SullyGnome).

In terms of content, the game has risen properly. Thus, the Hyper Roll was published in early 2021. This is a kind of turbo mode in which matches take only 15 minutes and everything is generally much faster. A little later, a special spectator mode was implemented for tournaments.

At the end of the year, the Double Up mode was started as a beta. There you play in the 2-team and can help each other with champions and objects. However, leaves a player, the match ends for both.

What does the boss of the game say about TFT? Stephen Mort dog Mortimer is the Lead Developer of TFT and regularly shares matches and views in the future on his YouTube channel.

In his great annual review, he reveals that TFT 2021 has grown in the number of players and developers and also to get content for the next decades (the relevant part starts from 1:12:10).

TFT is supposed to get a kind of 2.0 version, has fixed plans for the next 3 years

What is planned on innovations? How Mort dog reveals in the video, the developers work on a kind of 2.0 version of TFT. It should not be a new game, but rather a further development of TFT:

I remember that Meddler [Note: Andrei Van Ruin, the Vice President of League of Legends] said: We have to find a TFT 2.0. I think this year we brought us very much in this direction in many ways. At the beginning of next year, there will be some announcements that in my opinion will show what we speak.

According to Mort dog, there should already be a concrete plan for the next three years and for several new sets. TFT should not only continue for years, but for decades, even if they could only implement half of their plans.

For this, the developers also increased the size of the team:

We have more people. We have a leadership team, new engineers, new artist, new designers. It feels like that as if we went on 2022 further.

For 2022, the release of Set 6.5 are already planned in February and the release of Set 7. In one of these sets, the character Silo from the Arcane series is recorded. In addition, there will be some tournaments per set and a World Championship, which included prize money of $250,000 in 2021.

Mort dog also emphasized in his video that he daily read the complaints of players who want better balance, bug fixes or a better mobile version. He sees a lot of potential to make TFT even better in the coming years.

Is This Ruining League of Legends?
What do you say about Team fight Tactics? Did you play it in the last few weeks or have you gone out at some point? What do you like, and what bothers you at the game? Write it in the comments.

FC Bayern News and Rumors Robert Lewandowski sack next award

Robert Lewandowski has been named Kicker for the personality of the year 2021. The transfer of Leeds United’s Refined to Bavaria is apparently linked to a condition. Here’s all news and rumors around the FCB.

Here you will find the FCB news from yesterday.

This is why Robert Lewandowski deserves the Ballon d'Or
FC Bayern, News: Lewandowski awarded

Bavaria striker Robert Lewandowski has received another award. From Kicker the poles was awarded the personality of the year. Thus, the 33-year-old enters the succession of Bundestrainers Hans Flick, who received the price last year.

The sport should always connect, never separate, in sports like in life should always come the airplay first, said Lewandowski: And if my attitude is rewarded on the square and work with the Kicker award as a personality of the year, I assure that I am very proud of it. It is the optimal financial statements.

Also, Flick reported in the kicker to speak and praised his former protégé. Three terms are spontaneously involved when I think of Robert Lewandowski: Motivation, Ambition and Perfection, he said, pushing: Of course Robert has great talent, one of his greatest skills is for me but his will, his ambition, His biggest quality is his mentality for me.

The pole is a thousand percent professional, his diet, his sleep, its environment — its whole life is geared to the optimal performance in training and in the game, led the 56-year-old. The almost two-year cooperation with Lewandowski was a great pleasure.

Flick has impressed how accessible he was, like open to our ideas and thoughts. He questioned the meaning of exercises, wanted to know why we wanted to train what and how, as a coach, it has challenged us, but when Robert was convinced Then he has preceded, then he pulled others and punished his teammates with his enthusiasm.

The fact that he had behavior Lionel Messi Fair and congratulated the Argentine is exemplary for Lewandowski’s character at the award of the Ballon d’Or. Robert stands for decency, for fair play. And so he has respectfully congratulated the winner, and sincerely thanks for the award, which he has received instead: the 2021 for the world’s best striker, said Flick.

Also, Honorary President UPI Honey came into raptures. The special is, quotes the Kicker that Lewandowski plays permanently at a high level. He has identified himself with the club and always expresses very positive about the FC Bayern and has never provoked us with unfortunate comments in difficult times, he said.

In the past calendar year, the attacker had cracked the ancient record of striker legend Herd Müller in 29 Bundesliga missions. In addition, Lewandowski also met five times in the Champions League and twice at the FIFA Club World Cup. In the current season he is also again at 30 hits after 25 games.

Robert Lewandowski: Performance data 21/22

Competition | Games | Goals | Assists | Minutes per Tor | Played minutes

Bundesliga | 17 | 19 | 1 | 76 | 1.451
Champions League | 6 | 9 | 2 | 57 | 516
DFL Super cup | 1 | 2 | — | 44 | 88
DFB Cup | 1 | — | — | — | 90
Total | 25 | 30 | 3 | 72 | 2.145

Fastest Bavaria Players: Sovereign leader — See before Lewy and Gary!

FCB, News: Refined transfer probably on condition

According to various media reports, FC Bayern is interested in a commitment to Leeds United’s Refined. However, as the SPORT picture reports, there is a condition for the transfer of the 25-year-old.

Apparently, you only want to strike at the German record champion if one of the established outer storms should leave the club. Currently, there are Leroy Sané (Treaty until 2025), Serge Gnabry and Kingsley Coman (both to 2023) three players in the squad that can run on this position.

While there are no signs of a soon goodbye at Gary and Sane, Woman last rumors, he could leave Munich in the coming summer. But there were also news about renewed negotiations with the FCB.

The Yorkshire Evening Post also reported that the FC Bayern Leeds have not contacted Refined. Instead, talks between club and player should run over a possible extension of his until 2024 valid contract.

Got and Talent wear: The largest Bavaria flops since 2000

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FC Bayern Munich: The upcoming games

Appointment | Competition | opponent – Friday, 07.01., 20.30 pm | Bundesliga | Borussia Mönchengladbach (home) Saturday, 15.01., 3:30 pm | Bundesliga | 1. FC Cologne (Away) Sunday, 23.01., 5.30 pm | Bundesliga | Bertha BSC (Away) Saturday, 05.02., 6:30 pm | Bundesliga | RB Leipzig (home) Saturday, 12.02., 15.30 clock | Bundesliga | VFL Bochum (Away)